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I know starbound just dropped , but lets talk about end game

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by connorjordan, Jul 31, 2016.


Would you like more wrist cutting long tasks to work on ?

  1. yes i love investing time in to this game and tasks would help me focus on parts of the game

  2. no thank you I play games for fun , not honor , pride and challenge

  1. connorjordan

    connorjordan Void-Bound Voyager

    PLEASE do not come here to spoil the game for others , however i do want to talk about end game and how i hope to see a patch by November that gives us alot to work on ,
    im just going to list off things that i would like to have to work on in the future ,
    first i want a bigger insentive for every part of the game , iE i would love to see pets and cosmetic items locked away and give us long tasks to take on in order to unlock them , so another example would be , BUILD A GALACTIC REALISTATE EMPIRE , so for this you would have to build over 20 buildings that nps can settle in PER PLANET , whopping up to 10 planets , thats 200 buildings with npc capability , and are reward would be monicel and a magical stack of money that perches on are shoulder most of the time but can flap about are surroundings and leaves a money trail when it moves , this is just an example but setting this up dose not seem to difficult and its long tasks like this that will keep us active in game while you guys work on real solid good content to give us in the future , PS would love to see more story and tech drop like an expatiation next spring , im sure the community has other LONG WRIST CUTTING tasks that we can help the star bound team set up for us , so please leave something you would like to see in the comments below just to recap we are talking about tasks we want in game that take a long time to complete but give pets and cosmetics as rewards so players dont feel like that have to do them
  2. Pyronymer

    Pyronymer Big Damn Hero

    This is ridiculous. The last thing this game needs is more grind in return for completely worthless cosmetic junk. The thing missing from end game (and start of game and mid game)... is more actual GAME.
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  3. Shooting Star

    Shooting Star Existential Complex

    Kinda agree with pynomer the scan quests of the main quest felt pretty underwelming already the missions were the only reason you cared anyways or at least for me since I had no sympathy in a federation or earth that I've seen for 5 minutes.

    What i think this game needs is the urge to explore again regardless of a mission and this can be done by adding a variety of new places to go to on every tier of planet and preferably have all planets in all tiers with less settlements and if you do a settlement not the same over and over again

    Cause those two factors make it that every planet feels the same and "endless exploring" is their main selling point
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  4. Shaadaris

    Shaadaris Giant Laser Beams

    What endgame? There is no endgame. Progression just sort of suddenly stops. Even the story ends very abruptly.
    I agree with the two before me. More game please. Exploring was sort of fun way back in the Koala days, but seems to have become progressively less interesting for reasons I can't quite pin down entirely (although variety decay is probably a big portion)
    More missions, more content, more interesting stuff to find and see, more quests to give direction - and I don't mean those bloody settler radiant quests although more variety in those would be welcomed too. Stuff that gives unique rewards?

    SIDEQUESTS. What you're describing is best implemented as sidequests. Although to a lesser degree, and with more variation. Maybe even longer questlines.

    Varied, interesting sidequests with lore and stuff, and characters, and interesting scenarios and bosses and missions and objectives. And unique rewards that aren't bloody random reward bags. Building sidequests? Sure. Something as ridiculous as you suggested? HECK NO. If you want horrendous grinding go play a Korean MMORPG. (Well, not ANY Korean MMORPG but my experience with them has been that they can be pretty grindy.)
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  5. Shooting Star

    Shooting Star Existential Complex

    They bring the story as if it's a thing you do on the side but then the end is a bit underwelming also the friends you make don't really make much sense to me. You only came there for the artifact not to help apex rebels etc. After all that Ester is like "go explore more the universe is yours and not all evil is gone yet!" But you just saw it all pretty much in a flash cause you need to scan furniture and you're on end game gear with volcanic planets only that are worthwhile going to. Since they have best ore best loot best difficulty only reason you'd go back to another planet is to build or because you're that bored of seeing lava
  6. Pyronymer

    Pyronymer Big Damn Hero

    Enhancing sidequests is all very well, but the thing that is wrong with side quests is that there need to be more of them, they need to be better, meatier, more gamey and to give more meaty gamey rewards.

    And that's what everything in the game needs, more game content, more game play, more game rewards. The game actually has plenty of different types of things to do, it's just that basically every type of thing you can do is brief (except for repetitive content free padding), shallow, and little more than incrementally or cosmetically rewarded (if even that).

    More, better, and more gamey is just what... everything in Starbound needs, not just the side quests.
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  7. LilyV3

    LilyV3 Master Astronaut

    The questions is if that "long lasting" task is repetitive and boring or not. if it is then no thx.

    however after earth destroyed the feature of building a planet to hosue people would make sense and fit a lot better than some other ones we have now.

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