I know starbound just dropped , but lets talk about end game

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Would you like more wrist cutting long tasks to work on ?

  1. yes i love investing time in to this game and tasks would help me focus on parts of the game

  2. no thank you I play games for fun , not honor , pride and challenge

  1. connorjordan

    connorjordan Void-Bound Voyager

    PLEASE do not come here to spoil the game for others , however i do want to talk about end ga
    me and how i hope to see a patch by November that gives us alot to work on ,
    im just going to list off things that i would like to have to work on in the future ,
    first i want a bigger insentive for every part of the game , iE i would love to see pets and cosmetic items locked away and give us long tasks to take on in order to unlock them , so another example would be , BUILD A GALACTIC REALISTATE EMPIRE , so for this you would have to build over 20 buildings that nps can settle in PER PLANET , whopping up to 10 planets , thats 200 buildings with npc capability , and are reward would be monicel and a magical stack of money that perches on are shoulder most of the time but can flap about are surroundings and leaves a money trail when it moves , this is just an example but setting this up dose not seem to difficult and its long tasks like this that will keep us active in game while you guys work on real solid good content to give us in the future , PS would love to see more story and tech drop like an expatiation next spring , im sure the community has other LONG WRIST CUTTING tasks that we can help the star bound team set up for us , so please leave something you would like to see in the comments below just to recap we are talking about tasks we want in game that take a long time to complete but give pets and cosmetics as rewards so players dont feel like that have to do them
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  2. TTStooge

    TTStooge Big Damn Hero

    It'd be amazing if after defeating the final boss/reaching Solarium tier, you could gain access to a new kind of "star" that would have every kind of planet type all at an increased difficulty, beyond that of a Fiery Star, in addition to rare minibosses on the planets who have a chance of dropping legendary items.

    It'd also be really cool if there were a questline where you could track down and find Asra Nox after you destroy the Ruin.

    Unless that's already a thing.
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  3. Zinerith

    Zinerith Cosmic Narwhal

    I was in a discussion in the discussion forum, and there was one idea that was pretty neat. How about at the end of the game,
    instead of getting revived/teleported back by the Creator guy's remnants, you are instead floating in space, and sail takes control of your ship and beams you onboard, taking you back to esther. She then nurses you back to health in a new place (That you unlock) and tells you that you've been asleep for a long time, and that since you have been out, Asra Nox has been causing trouble, starting a new questline. Also, since it has been awhile, you now have planets with higher difficulty and such. Effectively, a "hardmode"
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  4. evilnancyreagan

    evilnancyreagan Pangalactic Porcupine

    Excellent suggestion!

    although, the suicide/ self-harm analogy is unnecessary and perhaps not supportive of people who suffer from these struggles? 2¢

    Starbound certainly has the capability for infinite scalability (up to some big-endian computational limitation) however, this has the inherent problem of presenting the player with the realization that it's a pointless, ephemeral struggle. Your suggestion to gate certain rewards behind prescribed milestones in said endless progression is indeed very good although, these rewards would be finite hence the end of game would simply be protracted from one point to another, arbitrary and artificial point. While this would certainly have the effect of extending the lifespan of the game, it wouldn't necessarily be a quality extension of gameplay as it would inevitably simply feel like busywork. An effectively comparable experience would be to simply start a new character.

    This is not to say that the idea can't work but, as a game designer, you better have a DAMN good carrot to dangle it in front of the player :)
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  5. connorjordan

    connorjordan Void-Bound Voyager

    So the hole point of these idyas is to prolong are end game jorney and give us insentive or an exscuse to work on parts of the game. That we all ready want to work on , while we wait for more content to come out . Also . Why start a new charicter ? , i know for some thats an easy answer but for others like me its a pointless endavor , also you need to remeber that the carrot dose not need to be golden . The harder the carrot is to get the more meaningful the jorney is to get it . And its rareity goes up as well . As a player of all types of games , youe hard core players and fans need more hard core things to work on and thats a fact. We play games as if they are hobbyes , now yes your avrage player plays for fun and as soon as they meet a challenge or boredom they give up , and drop your game for another one . So please understand that we your hard core players that have all ready invested 500 hours in to your game during beta , do plan to invest 1000 of hours to the lunch game . So please insure that when we are at end game and have all best in slot and the best tech and toys , that will have a huge list of things to use are bad ass gear and toys on , if not then whats the point in working so hard for gear and toys that wont help you with anything after you achive them . Thanks again for commenting guys . And i hope to read more idyas to help star bounds end game
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  6. evilnancyreagan

    evilnancyreagan Pangalactic Porcupine

    I'm all for challenge and having a reason to spend more time with a game I like.

    However, the sticky wicket here in what you suggest (if i read all that right) is that grind alone does not equate to real (i.e. not artificial) difficulty. it certainly is time-consuming, it can be soul crushing but, it's not hard or challenging. in fact it is often simple to the point of being menial--tasks so basic that often people write scripts, bots and macros to automate them. This is effectively becomes a game that people invest energy in to NOT play. From a design perspective, it ceases to be a game and actually becomes work.
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  7. connorjordan

    connorjordan Void-Bound Voyager

    OK im going to be honest , i have no disier to be the best at things like grammer and spelling , ok now thats out of the way ,
    THE HOLE POINT was to find things that the devs could add would take you like 2 hours to set up but would keep your players busy for weeks , and its to give us things to WORK on , things that you dont need to do for the base game , basically side tasks , like you said , ya i guess some one could make a bot to build 200 NPC capabil houses but for the most part if the guy knows that at the end its just a stupid cosmetic item then why would he spend the time to write a program to get him something that just looks cool , also BRO i understand that you like to be condescending to others , but you need to understand that people like me are DONE with IRL , i for example am retired , RL was easy and a shit show , in fact living longer seams pointless to me , so people like me have all the time in the world to make GAMES are HOBBY'S , i dont play these games for fun , i play them like i would a hobby , some times its tuff long and gets me angry , sometimes im happy some times i never feel happy playing a game , but thats ok because its a hobby, bro all i ask is for some simple fucking GRIND in this cool game called starboard , but no i have to bring i own personal problems in to a stupid form post just to get a point across , it dose not have to be difficult , it can be , but i just want easy things for you guys to put in that take along time for us to complete so you can focus on adding real updates and not use nagging for thigns to do when we really dont have things to do , aka tackle it now before the casuals catch up to us , PS no idya if your a game dev or not , but if you are please do the world a favor and play more games , you make it clear that you are a casual "From a design perspective, it ceases to be a game and actually becomes work." , bro work is the from of investing time , what you get out of your own work is up to you , a game is work and a chore because if you want to truly enjoy it you have to work hard for all of the nice things you want .I HOPE TO SEE more people post thier idyas for star bounds future end game . and hey lets see some cool idyas for more cosmetics ? i was thinking , the could add 4 pets that represent the 4 elements , and when you catch them all . and put them all next to each other , they combine and have a 5% chance to become a black version . and then a 95% chance to become a white version
    --- Post updated ---
    i like this idea , for adding a hard mode ,
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  8. Efrim

    Efrim Pangalactic Porcupine

    Personally I think they should court the team behind Frackin Universe and try to hire them - then integrate that mod into the base game. There is more content in that one mod than the entire base game. Coupled with True Space it feels quite a bit closer to what I thought the original pitch for the game was.
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  9. imine

    imine Aquatic Astronaut

    I have a very strong opinion about the end
    First of all, why were all the challenges the exact same "go here" "find this" "research it" and that is the entire main campaign with nothing else added. Sure, there are the Ark side quests by the companion races, but I tried it and it felt pointless. I played through the game leisurely and sauntered through space finding loot, but there was still the main quest in the top right hand corner saying "go research glitch shit" with a little progress bar.

    Enough about the main story line, how about the end.

    Why do we play games? Why do we finish them? Why do we like StarBound?

    [Why do we play games?] we play games to enjoy ourselves and indulge in a part of a game that fills us with joy. For me, I had the drive to play the story to get answers "why is there a monster on every moon?" "why are there doors deep underground" "what am I even trying to kill/do/accomplish? None of these were answered. I still don understand why a giant ball of flesh was floating in space about to kill everything. I didn't even know how it would do it.

    [Why do we finish games?] We finish games because they put a cap on the bottle that is the game. All the enjoyment in that game is in the bottle. I lied. That is an example of a bad ending. The way a game should end is not with a closed book, but with something else to do, find out, kill, save. That is a good game ending, yet not all games can do that. I totally understand that it is a small dev team, but with the money they gained, they SHOULD hire more people as well as advertisers.

    [Why do we like StarBound?] I believe that you guys may like StarBound for different reasons, but I first picked up the game because of the space aspect and the exploration. Soon after, I realized that the game would be so in depth that it would not even tell you the story, a sort of remnants left behind. I was wrong. It is impossible to answer why there are abandoned labs without the aid of reading the books that are scattered about the game. I wanted to know why the flu killed the Apex. What were they testing in the abandoned labs? I have some reading to do I guess.

    [The answer with no question. Moreover, the questions with no answers] Why is there so much potential lore in the game, yet they decided to slap on an unrelated ending to the game. I hated the research this, find the thing, kill the boss, format that the story had, Which I am still restating.

    [Wtf (most important part)] What the actual fuck is going on in the devs mind. In most games ive played, when they flash a cool item in front of you, you get to use it. The matter manipulator. The fucking matter manipulator. More specifically, the ancient human one. Why didn't I get that after killing the boss. Am I missing something? They went through the whole "flash the item in front of the player" but they didn't give it to you. Why? That is the biggest flaw in the campaign to me. I still feel like its a bug or something. Help me if it is. Next, where are the Novakids, i'm sure we all noticed. Finally, what happened to Esther?

    So that's my opinion. I loved the game, but it's still unfinished. Thanks for reading this (if you did).
  10. imine

    imine Aquatic Astronaut

    why does it say i'm fat (i'm new to the whole forum thing)

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