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    Hey guys. I love Stardew Valley and I've poured over 300 hours into playing the game. Admittedly I have not fully completed vanilla yet. But when I heard about Stardew Valley Expanded, I just had to check it out. I had actually never modded a game before and I got a little carried away installing mods from Nexus. The next thing I knew my Mods folder had 200 items in it. I decided I wanted to make a spreadsheet so that I could tell which mods were compatible and if I had any that were repetitive or that would conflict with eachother. So after more hours than I would like to admit, I have created an extensive spreadsheet of almost 200 mods that lists mod descriptions, keybindings, config options, and web addresses. I've shared the link below so that you guys can view/download it for your own personal use. I admit my excel skills are not the best, but I thought that maybe other people would find it useful. Happy modding!

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      :rofl: I have more than 1000 mods installed on SDV including SVE and some mods created by myself ( I have1267 mods installed to be exact). Although I had to modify some of them and also create some patches to make them compatible with each other.

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