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I need some help kind of urgently

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by GeekyRaptor, Jul 30, 2021.

  1. GeekyRaptor

    GeekyRaptor Phantasmal Quasar

  2. Tezorukos

    Tezorukos Tentacle Wrangler

    Usually it's to test them one by one. In your case you have lots of them and some can conflict and cause trouble. I don't mod this game so i don't know much. Try to identify WHEN it crashes, what were you doing in the game? Were you equiping items? Using a weapon against a monster? Etc.

    Try to understand when and what happens. Then check your mod list for mods affecting this particular thing. This could be something else, keep that in mind.

    The best trick is to test them would be to activate a few. Ideally only one. And test it for a while. Then add another and test again. In your case, you have to activate something like 4 or 5 so it doesn't take forever.

    I usually use mods on a very restricted level, because it gets complicated really fast finding the problem(s).

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