I present to you the super all-in-one app: Stardew Helper [Free][PC/Mobile]

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    Check out the app here: http://xandjiji.github.io/stardew-helper/


    This application is 100% free and open-source. Run it in any device through a web-browser! Designed for both Mobile and Desktop.

    It features:
    • Community checklist (sorting items by Season or by Community Center room)
    • Detailed information for more than 1,000 items, separated by categories!
    • Calendar just like in the game
    • NPC location tool
    • In-depth information for all NPCs
    • Item search mode
    • 7 Different visual Themes
    • Import/export data (so you can share your community checklist with your friends in multiplayer)
    Bonus: this application is a PWA, which means you can run it offline and even install it in your PC/Mobile Phone :)

    Hope you guys enjoy it. I'll be open for any feedback or new feature ideas!
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      for us less tech savy folk, how does one go about downloading and installing this? I'm gonna be offline for a while soon so having this would help

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