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Is this a good idea?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. jimmybui13

    jimmybui13 Intergalactic Tourist

    87A01CC5-0497-4C6D-A24E-610BBA09260C.jpeg The multiplayer should be like the cabins are an entry to your friends farm and not like one players host and the other players are like sidekicks, it should be like say player 1 enters player 2’s cabin and comes out on player 2’s farm and when a player leaves the farm, say going toward the village, the can see each other on the same world. To put it in simple words, each player should have their own farm, the cabins acts as portals between both farms and anywhere else( village,mines,wizard tower,etc.) should be where both players are able to meet like a multiplayer lobby. I added a file with a photo of a sketch I did in my notes explaining a little bit in case theres a confusion.(sorry about the terrible drawing plus I have a feeling it might confuse people even more!)
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    • Ainzoal

      Ainzoal Ketchup Robot

      Sounds like a very easy way to break the game and ensure most people are more busy with their own farm instead of working together on the same farm. So going to vote against this
      • jimmybui13

        jimmybui13 Intergalactic Tourist

        Yes but let’s say player 1 is offline, how will player 2 play on player 1’s farm? Or what if player 2’s a jerk and decides to horde all the resources? What if they both have a plan but don’t come to an agreement? So what I’m saying is it’s better if the multiplayer was more helping each other more then working together kind of thing
        • Ainzoal

          Ainzoal Ketchup Robot

          All of those issues are not a thing if you don't play with strangers which you can't do in the first place since you can only add people on your friends list. How is getting each player so absorbed in their own pocket farm supportive of helping each other?
          • AlexFrank

            AlexFrank Poptop Tamer

            you mean to make an appointment with friends to be online on a certain day to play?
            • SunStunBros

              SunStunBros Aquatic Astronaut

              I don't think this idea is the worst per say, but I do agree with Ainzoal. With two separate farms, players will likely to be driven to work solo rather than cooperatively. Even though some things would still be co op, such as mining or foraging, I feel a big aspect of multiplayer is to be able to run around together just having a blast.

              ..So my vote is no.
              • Matt5X

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