Idea for showing off one's Farm easier...

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Axe Garian, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. Axe Garian

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    Aerial Photography Service!

    Ya pay a Pilot + Camera Person a bit of Gold, set a time of day to have the Fly-By, then choose the day (between day ya talk to them & one week later) then they fly-by high above at the appointed time & take a huge Picture that looks like a Screenie of the entire Farm Map Section, then Saves it to a Screenie Folder of your Game.

    This would make it easier & funner to Share one's Farm Online & between buds! :D
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    • Chefpief

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      I think it's to cut out to make it an ingame feature, which would be kinda nice not having to go to the saves folder every time I wanna full pic of my farm.
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      • Axe Garian

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        Yeah, something like that, except Vanilla available. :D

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