Idea: Hushlings

Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by LyricLyricandmoreLyric, Jun 1, 2017.

  1. LyricLyricandmoreLyric

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    Came up with an idea for a race/society/mod? Called the Hushlings, a society of various mutes who revel in the silence and seek to keep out any and all others who disturb that silence. They make residence on small moons, asteroid fields (new update hype, space stations!) and barren planets, with the occasional dark worlds(maybe on dark worlds they can be non-hostile to non-mutes). The symbol of their society is the muted icon on phones (megaphone slashed through). The banners they fly are made with heavy materials so as to not flap around in the wind, and have rounded edges in contrast to the pointed banners of the other races to symbolize the soft embrace of silence opposed to the sharp, tacky voices of the many races. I'm just being overly creative bc I'm tired, but bear with me cause I think It'd be neat.
  2. Tlactl

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    So kind of like a retextured version of shadow people?
  3. YellowDemonHurlr

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  4. Tlactl

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    and the description will be "loaded with butter"

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