Idea on procedural blunt weapon types

Discussion in 'Gear and Items' started by G-Mac, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. G-Mac

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    Hi Star-Bound developers, again...:nuruhappy:, my idea today is like my previous one, but as the title implies it is about a different weapon class altogether. These could be called blunt weapons, just to state it here. You could even begin more general categories like this for bows (cross/short/long bows) or other weapons that are similar. my idea was to use hammers as one of them and create two more, these are clubs and maces. Clubs are to hammers, as short swords are to broadswords, they would have a similar balance difference. I forget what that type of comparison is called, but I still remember how it works. Maces are in between the two balance wise and are also two handed but don't require a wind-up. You could, of course, make all the art however you want, but could you add handles to maces if you use this idea, please? Unless you think it is an unreasonable request. Anyway, if you decide to use this idea I hope it is a popular update, and I am sure it will be.
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    How are clubs different from shortswords, and how are maces different from broadswords?
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    Not sure if it is possible in the game's code, but perhaps clubs/maces could do slightly less damage, but knock the enemy back away from you?
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