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    Hi Star-Bound developers, my idea is to officially add the short and long bows to the games generated weapons system. They could have any art and variations you like, being generated weapons (please add handles to some lower longbow limbs). they could have two pieces: (1) the arrow shaft (or point where the arrow is drawn/generated) and could determine elemental attribute in the code (if even relative in that way); (2) the arrow limbs that you could have a bending animation program for, if that's needed. I imagine that the bow string could always be drawn the same, or you could add color change to look like metal wire, or that and light effects to make it look like flex-able energy strings matching the color scheme of the weapon. The short bow, I thought, could generally have slightly lesser damage, range, and projectile speed than the longbow, and no second ability, but much greater rate of fire. The long bow, I thought, could be the other way around, the second ability often being simply able to whack things, or a charged or explosive bow shot, maybe duel or triple shot. I also want to ask if you could re-add and revamp the crossbows and make them generated weapons also. You could use some of the same art as the other bows except with different shafts and without limb handles if they where added. They could have second abilities if you think it's balanced. They could generally have the same rate of fire as longbows, the same range as a short bow (balance), and the same speed and damage as a long bow. You could balance it however you want though.:nuruhappy:
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