Ideas for Better-Balanced Professions - Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Luciano, May 23, 2018.

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    Was playing through Stardew again with a friend who is new to the game, and I felt bad telling him that he should be picking Tiller every time because Artisan is OP, or that Fighter completely outclasses scout in terms of both damage and health gain. I'm tired of choosing the same skills every time I play because of how strong they are compared to others, and feel like they could use a bit of a rebalance.

    I was bored and kept thinking about it, so I drew up some ideas for a better-balanced skill/professions tree, linked below. So my question to you guys: do you think the current professions are unbalanced? Do you have any ideas for how to re-balance them?

    Personally, I take Fisher/Angler, Tiller/Artisan, Gatherer/Botanist, Geologist/Gemologist, and Fighter/Brute every time I play. Miner/Prospector is tempting but late-game crystallarium farms make me lean towards Gemologist. Sometimes I take Pirate over Angler because I think treasures are fun. I really don't budge on the other ones. What professions do you all usually take?

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      I agree that something should make the other options more enticing. I find myself always choosing the same familiar options in my games too. The no-ammo slingshot would definitely make me consider the Scout.
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        Dude, you've got to try some of these other professions because they are actually pretty awesome. Who is to say one profession is superior to another? I think to get the full benefit of any profession you have to strategize accordingly and adjust the way you go about your daily life on the farm.

        For instance... Acrobat is pretty fucking awesome. Honestly, fighting monsters is pretty damn easy, so even without the attack boost, killing even the strongest enemies is pretty much child's play. But the acrobat is cool because suddenly clubs and knives become attractive and have lots of fun bashing skulls or slicing them up Benihana style.

        In my first playthough, the biggest regret I had was choosing Angler. What a waste! Sure a little extra cash from fishing does help pay the bills early on, but soon enough there are much better money-making opportunities and profit-wise fishing starts to feel like one of the least efficient ways to spend time. But a trapper, on the other hand, can haul in hundreds of fish in no time at all. I can't speak to the return on gold, but I can tell you that trapped items are great for cooking some of the games best stat-boosting recipes.

        Why not be a lumber jack. Foragable items are some what of a nuisance, if only because you have to wander aimlessly to the far ends of the world just to pick up a measly few--a waste of steps and inventory space. I would much more enjoy focusing entirely on Trees--on and off the farm--planting them, chopping them, tapping them (don't forget that you can plant new trees in artifact spots. That's an all-season, unlimited, sure-thing. Take care of your building needs, fertilizer, and syrup and put a couple thousand in your pockets every few days. never ending supply, all-season of easily.

        That brings us to the Artisan discussion. Most people say its the best way to get rich. Maybe it is. Not knowing any better, I opted for Rancher and ended up becoming a Shepard. So I was stuck, but not wanting to wasted my skills entirely, I dove in to my chosen line of work. Actually I got rich pretty quickly. 7 or 8 barns full of 5 heart sheep, grass fed: for Three hours of work I haul $50,000 every day. So... not bad. I'd like to hear what people are bringing in daily as artisans, just to know how they compare.

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