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Which of these ideas did you like best?

  1. Useful Caves

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  2. More cave levels

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  3. Cave Bosses

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  1. naranjachata22

    naranjachata22 Void-Bound Voyager

    I was looking at the first anniversary post and he told me about the cave system he had put in, so I thought, well, it would be really cool if there were any improvements in the caves, so these are my ideas:

    • Useful Caves: Imagine if a cave were an underground base that would be that neither the farm, but for example, the Crystalarium would be faster, and could farm slimes easily and would be of greater value, they also could have lakes, would give to find ores And could be decorated.
    • More levels in the caves: I think the cave is too short, and it could have more levels and more themes, but still at level 120 you would still get the key cave, but you could continue and have the Useful Caves you had previously spoken , But the calico desert cave would still be the best and most difficult.
    • Bosses in the cave: And this is my favorite idea at the end of each theme would have a boss, for example a Giant Bug on the first theme, and so on, and each of them would give away the treasures you find in the cave, Because it is very easy for you to get the item and run, you have to take a challenge to get the item, and besides the treasure, it could give a lot of the drops of the common monsters in that area.

    So, I hope you've enjoyed these ideas and I hope it get to Concerned Ape to he implement in the game!
    • Fuzzyman

      Fuzzyman Scruffy Nerf-Herder

      I'm assuming that you mean the mines. The lake levels are stationary. I'm not a programmer but I imagine it wouldn't take too much to allow you to decorate those levels. I wouldn't mind more space for casks.
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      • jafred2015

        jafred2015 Void-Bound Voyager

        A giant bug would work for the "Dirt" section of mines. A yeti perhaps for the ice caverns, and a Shadowfolk tribe leader for the magma caverns.

        Loot Rewards: A fistful of bug meat and slime, frozen tears and a couple wool, and a few shadow and solar essences, respectively.

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