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    Mechs have long been a part of starbound, but they were never very good. From the beginning of the game to the present version, mechs have been changed little, and are very underpowered. Even when a new vehicle system was added in the last updates mechs didn't get implemented. They only way to get them is with admin cheats, and even hen they are weak. I have a few ideas to improve the awesome robotic suits.
    The current mech is extremely slow and it's only firepower is weak machine guns. even low level blasters are better than this brute, so something has to change. I think mechs should have 2 weapon slots, where you insert weapons like the automated turrets. But, it shouldn't be limited to guns. Melee weapons should also be equip-able to the mechs. Mechs with guns are cool, but mechs with giant swords are even cooler.
    The way this would work is there are 2 slots, one for a 2 handed weapon, and one for a 1 handed weapon. This way, you get a mix of artillery. You could have a mech with broadswords and small pistols, rocket launchers and daggers, or even whips and tentacle guns. The customization would be great. It would make the mechs actually worth it to buy.
    Speaking of buying, where would you get them? If they were going to be sold at the outpost shipyard, they would already be available. I think there will be merchants selling mechs on high tier planets. The scorched city biome would be a great place to buy them. If this happened, the devs would probably call the blog 'Mad Mechs'
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    Yeah, mechs in Starbound were laughable.

    I've lost count of how many games in the genre I played, but I think we should first think about the role of a mech in Starbound. Like, what they should be? What they should be able to do or not?

    They are supposed to be war machines for large-scale fighting (ie, useless for dungeons)? Or mere armors that support some damage before exploding? And the lore, where they fit into the lore (if that ever happened)?

    I recently used the XS Corporation Mechs mod, and I have to admit I loved having a hangar full of Mechs on my ship (S-07 and R-03 <3). But I don't know how something similar would fit into the vanilla version. In games like Mega Man X mechs are a very well inserted element, you can steal them from enemies and crush them all, but cuz of the mobility limit they must be left behind at some point.

    I just wish that if they are available in the full game, they aren't too strong or weak.

    Btw, +1 for the 'Mad Mechs'.
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