Improving Signs to make them useful for almost anything.

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What things should be added?

  1. Transparency

  2. Attaching signs to any side and even to each other

  3. Coloring the background

  4. I don't care

  5. Drawing on the border

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Jappards

    Jappards Void-Bound Voyager

    Currently, signs are basic. You can remove the border, but you can't attach them on the sides and even then, you are still limited in what you can make, as everywhere you don't place a pixel will be a background with no possibility of making anything transparent, this should be changed.

    There would be a transparency bar when you pick a color, starting at 0, ending at 100%. The default is 100%. 0% makes that pixel invisible.

    You should also be able to draw on the border of the sign, why limit the player to what he wants near the border of the sign?

    Even if you could place a sign on the ground, you are still limited to the size of the statue, unless you could stack signs on top of each other. This should be added as well.

    The things you can create with this suggestion:
    • Statues
    • Hylotl Neon Signs.
    • Traps
    • Hidden doors
    • Custom lamps
    • Vertical signs
    EDIT: I made a mistake in the poll, Coloring the background should be drawing on the border, keep that in mind.
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  2. kurisu7885

    kurisu7885 Big Damn Hero

    Would be nice if the sign shop could be expanded for this.
  3. Schitzoflink

    Schitzoflink Void-Bound Voyager

    I would be happy with at least a numbered and lettered grid system so when we are creating a larger (multisign sign)

    Next would be able to design larger signs and then have the EASL split it in the 1x4 size it uses now

    And in a perfect world I would like to just pick the block dimensions, like a tall sign 6 blocks tall and 3 wide etc.
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