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    Hey everybody,
    I've been playing Stardew Valley again after a short pause and I love the new update but I still feel like some things are missing, especially in the social ways in Pelican Town. Here are my Suggestions:

    I personally think the Gifting-System is a little bit unbalanced and could be improved.
    One example could be how the Villagers could react to certain items depending on the current state of relationship. It seems odd to me that Shane, even though he gives up drinking alcohol with the 7 Hearts Event will continue to LOVE beer as a gift or how Pam will be happy about gifts containing alcoholic beverages despite literally praying to her god that she will stop.
    Maybe it could be possible that those two and others change their behaviour towards certain gifts with time passing by?

    Another thing is that gifts are too positive. While there exist some items that will let you lose friendship points, most of them are rather without negative side consequences. This is in fact similiar to the point mentioned before. Remember the cutscene where Penny says her mother is destroying herself with the amount of beer she consumes ? It is odd again how you could technically fuel her mothers addiction without even getting a disapproving remark from her.
    If you think that Penny is too timid to actually do this take Marnie and Jas for another example. In one cutscene Shane is out cold after having too much alcohol. Jas will then cry while Marnie is severly worried. Don't you think they could be unhappy about the player gifting him alcohol?

    I could imagine a way, that they send you a letter asking you to stop gifting their family members beer but if you continue you will lose friendship points.

    Relationships in the Town:
    Except for Marnie and Lewis no real romantic relationships between other NPCs are to be found. I would love to be able to attend someone's wedding that isn't my own. Imagine being the wingman/wingwoman for Clint to actually tell his feelings for Emily (yes there is a Quest where you will give her a gift from Clint but that one is barely worth noting). I mean: you can build Pam a entire house, cure alcohol addictions and depression or turn your own children into doves but you can't help a guy shake off his timid shell to ask his crush out?

    Make the Saloon more important:
    The Villagers will often meet in the Saloon, but for the Player this is only to roleplay. Most interactions between him/her and the others are through talking where the sentences will be repeated over and over and don't seem to affect the relationship between both parties in any way.
    There are only a few reasons to ever visit it except for cutscenes or recipes. I would love to join in on Abigail's, Sam's and Sebastian's tradition of hanging out in the saloon without me standing there with no real interactions, conversations or even positive consequences.
    Also with every Bachelor/Bachelorette being legal to marry how come there isn't one incident where one of them can be found having had a little to much alcohol (regardless of Shane)?
    You could get the option to leave them alone of help them get home, having them write a letter saying thanks the next morning.

    Give the Villagers' comments a meaning:
    Marnie loves animals and says that she and the player will get along great if he/she treats her animals well. This is completly without meaning since no real effect is existing. She doesn't say "Good job" for taking good care for them and doesn't dislike you if you let them starve for an entire winter.
    (Yeah .. I didn't have enough food for them ... sorry ma babies)
    Lewis says he doesn't want to see the farm all dried up but if the player chooses to do nothing and let the plants die no negative consequences take place...
    Maybe this could be changed? It would give reading Villagers' answers a better meaning so they can't be simply skipped because they are meaningless.

    Anyway thanks for reading! Be sure to let me know what you think and feel free to add your ideas in the comments below!


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