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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by awolCarbonate, Nov 29, 2019.

  1. awolCarbonate

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    Hi everyone !

    It is my first post on here. Sorry if it's not the right place, please tell me if it's the case !

    So. I love terraforming. I love creating huge cities, decorating houses, filling entire planets with buildings, caves, trees, farms, etc etc. But one of my main problem is this one: the lack of "creative mod".

    I know there is the admin mode, but it doesn't really compare to what I'm used to: Minecraft's creative mod. In Minecraft creative mode, every block you select is infinite. You can have only one block in your hand, and place it over and over and over again, it'll never run out. You have all the objects, all the furniture you want, in just one click. It's pretty great !

    Admin mode still requires me to be careful of my inventory space, still requires me to go raid planets to find specific furniture - which I love to do when I'm playing with friends ! But when I'm in a "building entire cities" mood, it frustrates me.

    So I was wondering if there was any mod or any combinaison of multiple mods that could help me achieve these ideal building consitions ? It's okay if there aren't, I'm just curious, since I searched for some inthe workshop and didn't really find any that could fit.

    Thank you for reading me, and thank you for your answers !
  2. Sparklink

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  3. awolCarbonate

    awolCarbonate Space Hobo

    Oh, that's actually pretty handy ! Thank you for the answer !
    So, it's, for exemple: /spawnitem platinumblock for a platinum block, right ?

    Do you have a page like this with furnitures ?

    Also, is there anyway to have an infinite block ? If there isn't, it's okay, just tell me c: !
  4. Sparklink

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    That is how the spawn item command works you can also specify a quantity of the item with a simple

    /spawnitem platinumblock 1000

    the amount you can spawn at a time is limited to the maximum stack count for that item. (And no infinity blocks.)

    A list of commands too.
  5. bk3k

    bk3k Oxygen Tank

    Well I can help out on that part. 120 slots per tab (vanilla = 40) and more sorting -
    Also your max stacks change from 1000 to 9999 (same number of digits)
    and if you want even more space then the 180 slot patch -

    You may also want more hotbar space to have more blocks/objects on your hotbar so you don't have to switch things on and off it as often. There are several of those (including one of mine that moves it to the side). And you can combine with Frackin Action Bars (to have more bar sets to switch between) in addition to having a larger bar. Hotbar mods and inventory mods will all require you to start a new character (unless you manually convert them), but you can take down the coordinates of your existing worlds and just fly there with the new characters. The worlds will be as you left them including structures you have built. The fact that both require new characters is all the better reason to do both at once.

    Another mod that might speed up the process is Base in a Box. It can quick clear areas, as well as copy/paste buildings if you need that too. Architect's Desk also has some prefabs that may or may not be useful to you.

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