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Bug/Issue Incredibly Long Loading Times

Discussion in 'Support' started by Wolfowitz, Aug 8, 2019.

  1. Wolfowitz

    Wolfowitz Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Hey all,
    Not certain if anyone has experienced issues like this and found a solution, but I have been struggling with hour to two hour long loading times trying to load into a saved game or multiplayer game. I used to have no issue and would load into games within a couple minutes. I just recently have come into the issue upon updating 5-6 mods:
    (I believe they were: PyTK, SDV Enhanced, Content Patcher, Entoarox Framework, Custom Farming Redux, and something else I can't remember. Not 100% accurate).

    I'm not sure what could be causing the issues, so I (In this order):
    Verified the integrity of my files
    Uninstalled and reinstalled
    Moved my mod folder out of steamapps/common/StardewValley/Mods and replaced it with a fresh clean install.

    Each time I tried to run the game afterwards it would take hours. I usually run in Borderless windowed mode and alt+tab, but that was never a problem before. I have attached my two smapi files for a single player saved game I'm loading into and a multiplayer game I'm joining. (I tried creating a new farm and it still took more than 30 minutes, I didn't wait the full length to generate a txt file)

    I've exhausted my small breadth of knowledge on this topic and leave it to your guys' wisdom and compassion.

    P.S. If I've broken any forum rules, please let me know.

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