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Bug/Issue Info on farm frame lag and recycling machine

Discussion in 'Support' started by Buizel_Bui, May 2, 2018.

  1. Buizel_Bui

    Buizel_Bui Space Hobo

    My partner and I have been playing the multiplayer beta for a couple days now, and have been experiencing the issue with heavy frame lag and crashing on the farm when the recycling machine is used. We've been able to reproduce the issue multiple times specifically when Soggy Newspaper is recycled into Torches. All other recycled materials have not given us an issue.

    As the host, my frame lag gradually grows worse and worse until the game is essentially frozen. I am running the most recent version of Windows 10.

    As a farmhand, my partner's game crashes when reentering the farm ONLY when I am already frame lagging, but does not lag or crash if she is already on the farm. She is running macOS Sierra 10.12.6

    Both of us run the game in fullscreen mode. Our current content BuildID : 2739083

    I have been unable to locate the crash reports on her mac. I have not crashed on the PC.

    Hope this helps!
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    • Dragon239

      Dragon239 Big Damn Hero

      I've definitely seen it with Soggy Newspaper into Torches, but after I was testing it, the CDs did the same problem - I threw em in, left to give Leah a gift, came back to the farm, and I had absolutely no frames. I am not sure if anything else does. If I had to guess, I would say the recycling machine itself is buggy. I've heard people think it has to do with "moving machines" - this isn't correct, as our furnaces work fine. It only happens after the recyclers have finished.

      It's happened in both the AM and the PM. The FPS seems to degrade more and more the longer they are in the machine and remain un-acquired, until eventually the game is essentially frozen. It doesn't take long at all - probably less than a game hour.

      I was not the host. As long as neither of us were at the farm, our frames were fine. If either of us entered it, that person's frames suffered. The game never actually crashed, we just had to force-close it.

      We're both running Windows 10, updated. My computer specs are i5-3570k, 8GiB RAM, GTX 960. His are i7-6700HQ, 16GiB RAM, GTX 1060.
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      • Unfug

        Unfug Void-Bound Voyager

        I also had the Frame Lag Problem, Removing the Recyling Machine helped to fix this. I added a Save of one Day it lagged.
        We had the Recycling Machine a few Days before and there were no Issue, (Recycled mostly broken CDs) But then it started, i guess as Buizel mentioned that it could be the Soggy Newspaper.
        We tried the day several Times, every Day was the Same, first it was everything allright and after a few Moments the Farmmap started lagging. All other Maps like the House inside worked perfectly.
        We play both on good Gaming Pcs (Windows). He Played in Fullscreen i am playing in windowed.

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        • SteepSheep

          SteepSheep Yeah, You!

          So this also happens to me/us, 3 people playing multiplayer. I was the host, running Stardew on a Windows 10 PC, on an HDD (not the system disk).
          It first happened the day when we used the recycling machine (I think a few days after we built the coop and barn).
          Removing the recycling bin didn't help in our case. It only happened in the evening (after 6 pm), only on the farm.
          I attach my savefile so you might be able to reproduce it?

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          • Halbertan

            Halbertan Void-Bound Voyager

            I was able to test this with the SMAPI for the new beta branch, as it only occurs at 6pm following a day where the recycler was placed. I tested 3 5 day segments;

            One where the game was freshly loaded and no recyclers were placed, experienced no lag at 6pm.

            One after that 5 days where there were 2 recyclers placed, and one was loaded with newspaper. Lag began the day after the recycler was placed at 6 pm, with minor hitching but a clear loss of fps and followed every subsequent day until the frame rate was about 1 a minute.

            One after those 5 days where I removed the recyclers and attempted to recover, the lag persists at 1 frame a minute after the recyclers are removed, however closing and reopening the server resets it back to the base state meaning if you remove already placed recyclers the lag goes with them. (but only after a reset, it does not update dynamically)

            It's worth noting this occurred on both hilltop farm and wilderness farm, in spring as well as in summer.
            • abaflasdk;j

              abaflasdk;j Void-Bound Voyager

              I have had this exact problem. I noticed that my farm became laggy but bearable after I recycled newspaper into torches. After 6pm it becomes unbearable and very difficult to move around. As soon as I removed the recycler and restarted the game, it seemed to be completely fixed.

              This only happens on the beta. Currently playing single player on Steam for Mac.
              • tueman

                tueman Space Hobo

                My friend and I have this issue except we've removed the Recycling Machine but it still lags out at exactly 6 PM. We have restarted the game and the lag always goes away by the next morning, but it's very bothersome if we plan to do work at the farm at night.
                • flaskmaster

                  flaskmaster Space Hobo

                  My g/f and I had the same issue with the recycler. We removed it and placed it in a chest, saved the game, closed and re-opened. Both our FPS are now back to normal.
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