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Bug/Issue Initiation Quest Won't Happen

Discussion in 'Support' started by limedroplet, May 10, 2018.

  1. limedroplet

    limedroplet Space Hobo

    The thing is, the Initiation Quest for the Adventurer's Guild doesn't work. No matter how many slimes I kill. But I looked up this problem before, and the solution I found was that I had to hunt down Rock Crabs. But I couldn't find any, so I saw that I could edit my save file, so I did just that and changed it so that the quest was completed. Well, when I checked the game, it appeared as a complete quest, but when I clicked claim reward (which there was none), I never got a letter, so now I can't enter the Adventurer's Guild. Is there any way that I can edit my save file so that I can unlock the Guild from there? Or did I break my save? If it's the latter then I have a backup in which I didn't edit anything.. Any help would be appreciated!

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