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    I notice as I play I don't really interact with the NPCs as much as I want to, a good implementation would be to allow gifting to the NPCs or to request stuff from them instead of just every once and a while claiming a rent. Each NPC you have as a tenant should have an interface that you can open when you interact with them. This interface can give you various actions or favors like "GIFT" and it will open their inventory for item to be placed in, or request items from them which revolves around what type of NPC they are. in addition you can request to dine with them, and they will scan for tables with chairs placed next to them, you can become a chef and serve items to them by making bowls have slots, NPCs can request food as well, and will pay you for your doings. In addition, Frog furnishings could sell teleporters that basically spawns random NPCs, like a public teleporter so you can have customers.

    Back to the interactions, Our character should obviously interact with the spaceship controls, whether holographic screens pop-up in front of our character or control decks are customizable, there should be movement when controlling your ship.

    My final idea should be small items such as plates and cups should handled differently, without the matter manipulator. These small items can be carried like a weapon and placed directly in front of you on a table or in a cupboard. NPCs could then pick them up from the cupboard and place them on the table to sit and eat.

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