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    Hey there, fellow adventurers!

    I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Matthías Páll, and I'm really looking forward to Treasure Adventure World. I've been aware of the game for some time, but when I discovered that the original game was free on GOG, I decided to try it out, and after having it run painlessly on Linux with PlayOnLinux,
    I decided that I had to support the development of the remake!

    I've only played the original for a few minutes, but the feel of the game caught me immediately, with all the background characters having something to say, which took me back to memories of Link to the Past, and the original Pokémon games. It makes the world so much more lively!

    Here's hoping that this remake gets all the funding it needs!

    [Edit: I realize this thread should perhaps be in the off-topic section of the Chucklefish Forums. If so, mods, feel free to move it/delete it.]
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      Hey Matthías! Welcome to the forums. I'm Stephen, one of the developers (design and coding) of Treasure Adventure World (and Game). I'm stoked that you discovered TAG and are enjoying it.

      I plan on porting TAW over to Linux, but it won't be available at launch. However, if you ever get a chance to try the demo using a Windows emulator, I'd be curious to know how it runs. I'd like to provide that option for Linux users until the port is completed.

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