Bug/Issue Inventory gets reset when loading the game or aborting a mission

Discussion in 'Support' started by der_r, Jul 24, 2014.

  1. der_r

    der_r Space Hobo

    Title says it all. :)

    It's just a minor issue but can be a bit annoying if you want to take a break playing or redo a mission with a different crew.
    • dulan

      dulan Intergalactic Tourist


      I frequently do some inventory management after a mission before I quit the game for the night. Unfortunately, all the work is undone when go to play the next session.

      An auto-save of the game state when exiting the game would do wonders (even if it's only from the home base areas).
      • Seminus

        Seminus Halfway Developer Developer

        okay thanks for the feedback. I can see that it makes sense. :)
        We have to think about some follow up issues but it may be possible.

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