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Bug/Issue Invisible Cupboards and Fridge after bug w/ Steam Workshop

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by LeJoueurDuComputeur, Jun 12, 2017.

  1. LeJoueurDuComputeur

    LeJoueurDuComputeur Space Hobo

    So, I must confess, I love mods. What's great w/ Starbound is that, thanks to the Steam Workshop, mods a really easy to install. So I had quiet about 8 mods from the workshop, plus one from the Nexus (to show the DPS). Here's the list:

    And, in my spaceship, I made a little kitchen, w/ some cupboards, a fridge, a coffee machine, etc... which all came from the mod Pixel Goods Store. Everything worked fine, yesterday I saved and left, and today, when I came back, they were invisible, and all the mods had disappeared (not in the files, but in the crafting station for example), and my little kitchen disappeared as well. The outfits became Perfectly Generic Item. So I checked the files, 60 were corrupted, but nothing changes after that. Reboot the computer, the mods are back. But not my kitchen. My kitchen is still empty. And I can't place anything.
    I then realised that, if I placed some blocks, it showed there were some invisible blocks. By any mean, would somebody know how to get rid of these ?
    Starbound 06.12.2017 -

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