iOS game issue: stuck on my front porch!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Aea410, May 17, 2021.

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    I decided to upgrade my pickaxe on the last day of winter. On the first day of spring, I tried to exit my house, and there were a couple stones blocking my path down the stairs. To the left and right of the stairs I have chests. So I’m blocked in on the left and right by chests, and I am blocked in by rocks in front of me. I’m kinda of panicking. Both chests are full of stuff. Is the only way out of this to throw out all the items in one of the chests, and then use the hoe or axe or some other tool to try and pick up the empty chest??? I even just went right to bed on the first day to see if magically the stones would disappear the next day but that clearly didn’t happen. Help!

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    • Pangaea

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      Moved out of support as this is not a a bug or technical issue with the game. It is merely bad rng luck. What you've said might be your best bet to get out.
      • Aea410

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        Thanks so much for your reply, I’ve literally never posted to a forum before but didn’t know what else to do! It hurt but I was able to throw out everything in the chest and pick it up and move it. Thanks for you help again.

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