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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Katiedewer, Dec 29, 2019.

  1. Katiedewer

    Katiedewer Space Hobo

    Is it possible to fish when playing on an ipad? I've tried and tried without having any luck so far.
    • citadelli

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      Yes you can. Select your fishing pole so it’s highlighted. Stand next to water and just touch and hold on the water in front of you. As u hold it down a casting distance bar will fill up. Let go when it gets full, and you cast and ull see your rod go and the bobber in the water.

      You will get a yellow explanation point over your head pop up eventually, you need to tap then.

      sometimes you get random junk. Save them for later when u get a recycle machine.

      Reeling the fish in seems pretty hard on IPad and takes a while to get used to by tapping or holding on the left hand vertical bar as the green spacer moves up and down. Try to track that to the fish icon.

      As the right hand bar starts to fill green. At full you have caught the fish.

      Some times a chest will appear in the in the left hand bar. You get the chest if your green bar is hovered over that for a few seconds, AND you catch the fish. Can be tricky. Mostly have just gotten bait. But sometimes really good stuff.

      The first couple levels in fishing are really hard and take a while but it gets better.

      good luck!

      • Lew Zealand

        Lew Zealand Orbital Explorer

        I started playing on PC but am now also playing on an iPhone and I can get fishing to work there, but if I hadn't learned the nuance using a mouse I might have smashed my phone screen in frustration by now.

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