Is it a crafting game ?

Discussion in 'Blocks and Crafting' started by Barmatyr, Mar 8, 2019.

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    I've try Starbound but the lack of relevance of the interface is too great. That's why i ask myself, is this game about crafting ?

    I have suggestion that maybe would make the hud a bit relevant for crafting.

    Why having to mouse over a recipe to see the component while you already have selected it ?
    Maybe having the component showed on the window of the recipe itself would be nice ? It's not like it lack of space to do that.

    Also why not, if the component are showed in the windows, wouldn't be show how many of them you have. And maybe but it would considered as a cheat show how many you can actually craft. Instead of having to navigate in the horrible inventory of tabulated thousand tiny bit sprite of obscure object ?

    Also if some people are fond of mouse over pop-up window why those are able to pop cut by the screen border ?

    There is a lot of those irrelevance in the interface and not just for crafting. This game look very nice and to have a great content but it seem that point was to make the worst way to interact with it.

    Objective reach, i can't play it any further and 30 min is not that much...

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