Issues with clothing mods after update

Discussion in 'Mods' started by PhalanxControl, Jan 19, 2020.

  1. PhalanxControl

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    Hey everyone, first post here so sorry if anything is done wrong.

    My issue is that after the update my characters clothing has seemed to glitch out. I've tried reverting back to the old files to see if maybe a mod had effected it and the square was no longer there so i installed all the mods i use and then i went to check the game, everything was fine, no square over the shirt, but as soon as i added a clothing mod it came back and no matter what mod i install it's always there.

    An example of what i'm experiencing:



    • hatmouse

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      Clothing changed drastically in 1.4 - they're now items you can equip, and there's a whole tailoring system. The old ones won't work without an update, but on the bright side it's not hard to add completely new ones via Json Assets now, without needing to merge or replace anything yourself, and some conversions of existing clothing mods have been done already. Check out the PPJA Abandoned Mods thread for some examples.
      • PhalanxControl

        PhalanxControl Void-Bound Voyager

        Ohh right, it's been a while since i played so i'm not fully aware of all the changes to the game yet. The just did a reset with my files and i got the clothing glitch to stop for now. I do have the Json Assets mod installed anyways so i'll check out what you suggested.

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