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Tu Gusta?

  1. Si

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  2. No

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  3. Wait, is this pole Spanish?

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  4. I think the jail pass is just a card from Monopoly O_O

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  1. Headphoner

    Headphoner Cosmic Narwhal

    You're playing starbound with your friends on a medium threat level planet. Although, its probably best to travel in a group, you can't resist the urge to go out and explore on your own. Unfortunately, you attract the attention of a jailbird and it traps you inside its cell, and all you can do is frantically try to contact your friends for help before it takes you out to the atmosphere.

    Jailbirds, a hybrid of vulture and birdcage. They appear only on medium to high threat level planet and target lone players. If captured, you can only escape by either having the bird killed by a friend, or trying to saw your way out with a bladed weapon. Sawing out of the bird will kill it, and provide better drops.


    Attacks by capturing a single player inside its body, then bringing them out to the atmosphere, this kills them as well.
    If other players are around, it will attack with bent jail bars as talons.

    Drops: Iron talons; used for making barbed clubs
    *RARE* Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free-Pass; Consumable, when used, calms all nearby enemies.

    Thanks to Aeros for creating the visual! Please see his post below.
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  2. Bobot The Robot

    Bobot The Robot Space Spelunker

    Haha, I like this idea man! Maybe don't make them too common, or make them slightly easier to kill - I'd hate to be on a planet and just be constantly picked up.
  3. Headphoner

    Headphoner Cosmic Narwhal

    Yeah, I thought about that too. Perhaps they could either be rare, or appear in quests. Either way it would still be fun to break out of a flying prison.
  4. Aeros

    Aeros Starship Captain

    I like the idea, it's original and isn't like something that simply runs into you and kills you. :)
    The image looks better when zoomed in. I also done one for Ponca if you haven't already saw it. ;)
  5. nelsolla

    nelsolla Big Damn Hero

    Dunno you but the pole is "Te gusta" not "Tu gusta"

    And for me it doesnt fit in the game maybe not being organic at all just a robot?
    And also they should spawn when there are more than 2 persons in a planet to make it possible to escape.
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