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Bug/Issue Journey Of The Prairie King crashes

Discussion in 'Support' started by uesudorasu, Mar 20, 2016.

  1. uesudorasu

    uesudorasu Space Hobo

    Hello my farmer friends, i have a very common issue when i am playing Journey Of The Prairie King.
    The mini game crashes randomly, so i can't beat the minigame.
    I am in winter, 3th year.
    I have the latest version (STEAM) and Windows 10.

    • Kelp2100

      Kelp2100 Void-Bound Voyager

      I'm going to bump this bug/issue thread because I have the exact same issue.

      I have had the game random freeze/crash while playing Journey of the Prairie King. I've tried to pay attention to any kind of possible triggers or variables that may cause this, but I'm really not sure what could be causing it. The game crashed regardless if I had items or not. It seems like it happens at random when I'm just killing enemies. The music keeps playing on a continuous loop, but everything else ceases, including animations. There's no dump file for the crash.

      This happened to me in 1st year, winter, and now still happening in 2nd year, spring.

      I have the latest version of Steam as well, running this on Windows 7. Hope this helps.

      EDIT: It seems I might have found a fix if you'd like to try it @uesudorasu
      Go into your Steam library and into the properties menu under Stardew Valley. In the Local Files tab, choose "Verify Integrity of Game Cache." I tried this out and I managed to play Journey of the Prairie King a couple of times without it crashing. Hope this helps.
        Last edited: Mar 21, 2016
      • Durdedur

        Durdedur Space Hobo

        This is also happening to me; game completely freezes with the music still going while playing Journey of the Prairie King. I've been trying to beat it without dying, and have crashed 6 times in the process. It has crashed on the first two levels of the first zone, the 2nd level of the 2nd zone, and the 2nd and 3rd level of the 3rd zone. Three of the times it crashed, I had the lightning bolt/zombie thing power-up active and was running through enemies to kill them, the other three times I was just normally shooting and killing though I know I had the shotgun power-up active on the most recent crash. Definitely has always crashed as an enemy(ies) was taking damage/dying, and it also appears like I've been fairly close (if not on top of them, with the lightning book power-up) to a dying enemy when it has crashed. Never has crashed when I was just standing, walking around, shooting at nothing, walking over an item, activating an item with spacebar, buying upgrades, transitioning levels/zones, etc etc.

        I know the first one or two crashes happened while I was playing on the arcade in the saloon, the rest have happened in my home on the arcade you receive for beating it. Sometimes I can play 5-10 games of it in a row before crashing, sometimes it crashes the first game I come back to after taking a break. The crashes have been during various seasons, and various times (many have been in the morning i.e. 6:00 am, since I anticipate a crash so I play it right after saving/sleeping).

        Latest version (1.07), latest version of Steam, Windows 10.

        • c42

          c42 Space Hobo

          Pushing this. Same here, I crash about every second to third game. This seriously needs to be fixed, although it does seem to be very hard to track down the error source. I run on W10, v1.07, latest Steam version. Please fix this, I seriously want to finish this game.
          • unavailableartist

            unavailableartist Space Hobo

            This bug is still an issue for me as well. It crashes randomly I though I should also add here the other bugs it suffers from.
            The game randomly freezes at times and recovers. Then other times it just crashes (causing me to start over from the morning).

            Also I noticed that when fighting cowboys in particular the game will glitch and send them walking infinitely to the left, or a loop of from center to left re-spawning after a the cowboy left the area.
            • QtheConqueror

              QtheConqueror Void-Bound Voyager

              I have the same issue. I run mine on OS X El Capitan Version 10.11.6 (15G1212); Steam Game Version 1.11.
              • Star Stuff

                Star Stuff Yeah, You!

                This bug is still happening in 1.2, more during the use of "book" powerup but without it as well sometimes.
                • Mirm83

                  Mirm83 Intergalactic Tourist

                  Made an account to advise of crashing as well, only during the minigame, and often enough that I can't get further than the 3rd or 4th screen. Mine seems to occur during power ups as well, the lightning one most specifically. Windows 7, Steam, game fully updated.

                  I was already annoyed to see that you included this type of minigame at all, much more annoyed to realize that I can't finish the entire game because of it.
                  • Xatalic

                    Xatalic Space Hobo

                    As the person above me said, I just made an account so I could post this. Every time I do really well in terms of items and lives, I seem to crash on the same level; the second snow level after you beat the second boss. I shit you not, whenever I do really well, like I just had 11 lives and level 2 of boots, gun and bullets I crashed/it froze. This is the third time this has happened, I'm almost sure it's integrated into the game to do that when you're doing well cause whenever I had really shitty items and no lives, I've never once crashed. Call me a tin-foil hat wearing buffoon all you want.
                    • tccoxon

                      tccoxon Procedurally Generated Programmer

                      I haven't been able to reproduce any crashes in the Journey of the Prairie King. Would anyone who can make it crash be able to send the log from %appdata%\StardewValley\ErrorLogs?
                      • Xatalic

                        Xatalic Space Hobo

                        Game just froze up again when I was doing really well, 8 lives and had lvl 2 boots, gun and bullets on the second level of the frozen part 10/10.

                        Also tccoxon I could not find Errorlogs in %appdata% > StardewValley, only Saves and startup_preferences and inside of Saves there's only Name_Numbers and in that folder there's only SameGameInfo, SaveGameInf:speechless:ld and Name_Numbers, Name_Numbers_old.
                        • rb58

                          rb58 Intergalactic Tourist

                          I had the same issue. It was randomly crashing when playing Prairie King. I looked at the error log as suggested and I think I found at least one issue. I have all my Steam games installed on my E:\ drive. The game crashed because the Microsoft XNA framework wanted to open a sound file on the C:\ which obviously wasn't there. I copied the whole SDV folder to the C:\ in case the game wants to access other files on the C:\ drive as well/ So far I have not encountered any crashes but it is probably too early to tell.

                          The error message was:
                          Could not find a part of the path 'C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Stardew Valley\Content\XACT\FarmerSounds.xgs

                          I hope it helps someone out there.

                          Now if I only wouldn't suck at the Journey of the Prairie King...
                          • Bousf

                            Bousf Aquatic Astronaut

                            I am having the same issue but on PS4, game freezes and all I can do is close it. Hopefully they'll fix it soon, there's already enough stuff to worry about on Fector's Challenge to have random crashes on top xD
                            • yetropolos

                              yetropolos Space Hobo

                              like some people above, created an account to report the same crash/bug it usually occurs more frequently when,
                              1. make it past world 2
                              2. when using power ups that effect the entire map with a map wide graphic (the Super mode thing, the map wide wipe, and the smoke bomb escape thing).

                              im on the most current Steam version and have replicated the same crash at least 3 times

                                Attached Files:

                              • LordRayden

                                LordRayden Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                I made a new Savegame, ran directly to the playing machine and had the same mentioned freeze. Was the first time on level 3-2. :*(
                                The music kept playing but the picture froze. Nothing special going on, just shooting hordes of mummies. I’m on PS4. If that happens, you can only close the app. Could it help, if I create a video next time?
                                  Last edited: Oct 15, 2017
                                • Keither

                                  Keither Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                  Wanted to bump this as this is the only crash/freeze I experience when playing this game. I refuse to use the arcade at all despite enjoying it because I don't want to lose a whole day.

                                  I just wish I had some specifics. No crash logs have been created anywhere on my system.

                                  The game just freezes and can't be recovered, needing to be closed by Windows or task manager.

                                  Running Windows 7.

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