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Bug/Issue Journey of the Prairie King: Movement issues.

Discussion in 'Support' started by 999inthedark, May 4, 2018.

  1. 999inthedark

    999inthedark Intergalactic Tourist

    In Journey of the Prarie King, when shooting diagonally to the left/down, I am unable to move to the right.

    No other shooting/movement combination gives me issues, therefore it isn't due to pressing too many buttons on my keyboard.
    I can shoot up/left and move in every direction.
    I can shoot up/right and move in every direction.
    and I can shoot down/right and move in every direction.

    Stardew Valley [beta 1.3.7] & Prior full version.
    Windows 10.
    Not sure other hardware and such is really necessary for this kind of issue.

    I have tried on several occasions to find someone else with this issue on the forums or through google in general, but nothing turned up in the last year since I began playing the game. And it is frustrating, because the movement issue has been the cause of many deaths in the arcade within Stardew Valley.

    If I need to provide anything further, let me know and I will do so. I apologize if this is not detailed enough as is. But I think it should be easy enough to check, as it isn't a complex issue.
    • GrimaceNonsense

      GrimaceNonsense Space Hobo

      Similar issue here, but I just can't shoot up/left while moving down or right! D': This really sucks!

      Stardew Valley 1.2.33
      Windows 7
      Built in laptop keyboard

      idk what else either, if more info is needed from me I'd be glad to chuck it at anyone asking!

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