Json Assets & Producer Framework Mod Errors

Discussion in 'Mods' started by GlacierWolf, Dec 24, 2019.

  1. GlacierWolf

    GlacierWolf Void-Bound Voyager

    Yeah, hi. I'm having some issues with Json Assets and the Producer Framework Mods. It says that for Json Assets, some items with the same keys have already been added. You can read more in this log.

    Also there's no output for some items from Trent's New Animals Pack.

    What's the matter here?

    • Melindee

      Melindee Zero Gravity Genie

      It looks like there are duplicate items with the same name in the JA files. Did you try and see if you have extra files and delete them?
      • GlacierWolf

        GlacierWolf Void-Bound Voyager

        I'll try that now, thanks.
        EDIT: Where can I find the JA files?

        Eh, I'll just restart a new file. I just got the new version of Save Anywhere and just got started on my farm anyway.

        EDIT: Starting a new file didn't work! Where are the JA files?!
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        • Wingyl

          Wingyl Void-Bound Voyager

          The JA files are the JA packs in your Mods folder. Look in there for duplicates.

          Also, don't use Save Anywhere with anything that adds any custom content whatsoever. No PFM, no JA, no BFAV, no TMXL, no CFR, no custom NPCs, no additions in general. It calls the wrong save method and prevents custom data from saving properly, corrupting the save. It's been reported to the mod author, but they insist that their mod is fine and it's all the other mods that need to change.
          • GlacierWolf

            GlacierWolf Void-Bound Voyager

            How do I know which ones are the duplicates? The only ones with problems are the Sweet Tooth and Trent's New Animals Packs.
            • Wingyl

              Wingyl Void-Bound Voyager

              Yeah it looks like you somehow have both of those twice. Delete them, check to make sure they're not also there a second time with different names, and reinstall.
              • GlacierWolf

                GlacierWolf Void-Bound Voyager

                What do you mean, "reinstall"? The mods or the game?

                So when I delete the mods, I just have to run the game once and afterwards reinstall them?
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                • Iris Blanche

                  Iris Blanche Master-Pudding Forum Moderator

                  @GlacierWolf Please avoid doubleposts after such a short time and edit your previous post instead if you want to make additions to it.
                  • GlacierWolf

                    GlacierWolf Void-Bound Voyager

                    • Wingyl

                      Wingyl Void-Bound Voyager

                      Delete the mods, check in your mods folder for any duplicates with different names, reinstall the mods.
                      • GlacierWolf

                        GlacierWolf Void-Bound Voyager

                        Can anyone see if any of these folders have duplicates?

                        [BAGI] Ancient Crops
                        [BAGI] Farmer to Florist
                        [BAGI] More than Forage
                        [BAGI] Sweet Gem Fruit
                        [BFAV] Armadillos
                        [BFAV] Bulls
                        [BFAV] Golden Geese
                        [BFAV] Quails
                        [BFAV] Raccoon
                        [BFAV] Trent's New Animals
                        [BFAV] Warthogs
                        [CCM] Artisan Valley
                        [CCM] Trents New Animals
                        [CFR] Animal Machines
                        [CFR] Auto Resources
                        [CFR] Better Lemonade Machine
                        [CFR] Fish Breeding Tank
                        [CFR] Goldfish Bowl & Koi Tank
                        [CFR] Indoor Beehouse
                        [CFR] Lemonade Machine
                        [CFR] Premium Maple Syrup
                        [CM] Bath House Hot Spring Running Water
                        [CM] Mancer's Music Pack
                        [CP] A Spirit's Eve Hunt
                        [CP] Abigail Dialogue Expansion
                        [CP] Alex and Sebastian Fix
                        [CP] Alex Dialogue Expansion
                        [CP] Ancient Crops
                        [CP] Artisan Valley
                        [CP] Babies take after Spouse
                        [CP] Bath House Hot Spring
                        [CP] Bathroom after 2nd House Upgrade
                        [CP] Better Grass Visibility
                        [CP] Better Hats
                        [CP] Boarding House
                        [CP] Cabins as Sheds
                        [CP] DIY Characters and Portraits
                        [CP] Doll Ponds
                        [CP] Easter Egg
                        [CP] Elliott Dialogue Expansion
                        [CP] Emily Dialogue Expansion
                        [CP] Farmer to Florist
                        [CP] Fertilizer Sacks
                        [CP] Fixed Hat Mouse
                        [CP] Freshwater Tilapia
                        [CP] Fruits and Veggies Legacy Sprites
                        [CP] Haley Dialogue Expansion
                        [CP] Harvey Dialogue Expansion
                        [CP] Improved Pet Area
                        [CP] Leah Dialogue Expansion
                        [CP] Legendary Fish Ponds
                        [CP] Mal's Rival Heart Events
                        [CP] Matching Fertilizers
                        [CP] Mermaid Island
                        [CP] More than Forage
                        [CP] Mouse House Makeover
                        [CP] Natural Clock
                        [CP] Neat and Tidy Garden Farm
                        [CP] New Fish
                        [CP] Night Sky Fix
                        [CP] Penny Dialogue Expansion
                        [CP] Pet Dog
                        [CP] Profession Icons
                        [CP] Replace Broken Trash
                        [CP] Sauvignon in Farm
                        [CP] Shane Dialogue Expansion
                        [CP] Slightly Cuter Sprites for Stardew Valley Expanded
                        [CP] Slime Hutch Winery
                        [CP] Sorren - Original NPC
                        [CP] Standardize Elliott's Cabin
                        [CP] Stardew Valley Dialogue Expansion
                        [CP] Stardew Valley Expanded
                        [CP] Sweet Gem Berry Regrowth
                        [CP] Sweet Gem Fruit
                        [CP] The Perks of Being Married
                        [CP] Tidewalker & Cleaner Beach
                        [CP] Tunneling Ahead
                        [CP] Underdark Sewer
                        [CP] Unique Jealousy Responses
                        [CP] Visitable Flower Dance Area
                        [DW] Low Performance Optimizer
                        [FTM] A Spirit's Eve Hunt
                        [FTM] Beach Foraging Expansion
                        [FTM] Boarding House
                        [FTM] Farmer to Florist
                        [FTM] Mermaid Island
                        [FTM] Stardew Valley Expanded
                        [JA] Ancient Crops
                        [JA] Artifacts Fragments
                        [JA] Artisan Valley Machine Goods
                        [JA] Better Lemonade Machine
                        [JA] Boarding House Forageables
                        [JA] Cannabis Kit
                        [JA] Eemie's Crops
                        [JA] Even More Recipes
                        [JA] Even More Recipes (Fresh Meat)
                        [JA] Fantasy Crops
                        [JA] Farmer to Florist
                        [JA] Fresh Meat
                        [JA] Fruits and Veggies
                        [JA] Hisame New Recipes
                        [JA] Hisame's New Craftables
                        [JA] Manure Pack
                        [JA] Mermaid Island Items
                        [JA] Mizu's Flowers
                        [JA] More Recipes (Fruits and Veggies)
                        [JA] More Trees (Fruits and Veggies)
                        [JA] Premium Maple Syrup
                        [JA] Quail Products
                        [JA] Starbrew Valley
                        [JA] Stardew Valley Expanded
                        [JA] Sweet Tooth
                        [JA] Trent's New Animals Pack
                        [JA] Trent's Raccoons Pack
                        [MFM] Artisan Valley Letters
                        [MFM] Even More Recipes
                        [MFM] Farmer to Florist
                        [MFM] Fresh Meat
                        [MFM] Fruits and Veggies
                        [MFM] Mizu's Flowers
                        [MFM] More Recipes
                        [MFM] More Trees
                        [MFM] Starbrew Valley
                        [PFM] Ancient Crops
                        [PFM] Artisan Valley
                        [PFM] Cannabis Kit
                        [PFM] Farmer to Florist
                        [PFM] Manure Machines
                        [PFM] Raccoons Settings
                        [PFM] Sweet Tooth
                        [PFM] Trents New Animals
                        [PP] Pond Colors by Water Type
                        [SVE] Andy
                        [SVE] Custom Music
                        [SVE] Marlon
                        [SVE] Morris
                        [SVE] Olivia
                        [SVE] Sophia
                        [SVE] Susan
                        [SVE] Victor
                        [TMX] Animated Decorative Statues
                        [TMX] Boarding House
                        [TMX] Buildable Greenhouse
                        [TMX] Buildable Greenhouse (Big)
                        [TMX] Buildable Greenhouse (Medium)
                        [TMX] Buildable Tent
                        [TMX] Farmer's Market
                        [TMX] Fippsie's Bird House
                        [TMX] Fippsie's Festival Arch
                        [TMX] Fippsie's Natural Arch
                        [TMX] Fippsie's Onsen
                        [TMX] Fippsie's Small Onsen
                        [TMX] Fippsie's Wedding Arch
                        [TMX] Fippsie's Wood Arch
                        [TMX] Grampleton Fields
                        [TMX] Gunther House
                        [TMX] Mermaid Island
                        [TMX] Sandy at Festivals
                        [TMX] Seasonal Animated Decorative Statues
                        [TMX] Seasonal Animated Fountain
                        [TMX] Seasonal Animated Zen Fountain
                        [TMX] Seasonal Fantasy Tree
                        [TMX] Seasonal Garden Decorations
                        [TMX] Seasonal Gazebo
                        [TMX] Seasonal Wedding Arch
                        [TMX] Sorren Festival Locations
                        [TMX] Sorren Spouse Room
                        [TMX] Stardew Valley Expanded Locations
                        [TMX] Stardew Valley Expanded NPCs
                        [TMX] Visitable Flower Dance Area
                        A Very Special Blue Chicken
                        Advanced Location Loader
                        Advanced Save Backup
                        Animal Rebalance
                        Anything Ponds
                        Auto Stacker
                        Baby Gender Interface
                        Backpack Resizer
                        Better Artisan Good Icons
                        Better Garbage Cans
                        Better Garden Pots
                        Better Hay
                        Better Junimos
                        Better Mixed Seeds
                        Better Panning
                        Better Quality More Seeds
                        Better Ranching
                        Better Sort
                        Big Silo
                        Bigger Backpack
                        Billboard Anywhere
                        Birthday Mail
                        BJS Capsule Mod
                        BJS Plant Everywhere
                        Blueberry Mushroom Machine
                        Change Professions
                        Chests Anywhere
                        Chill in Your Farm House
                        CJB Cheats Menu
                        CJB Item Spawner
                        CJB Show Item Sell Price
                        Clean Cellar
                        Clean Farm
                        Climates of Ferngill
                        Console Commands
                        Content Patcher
                        Crop Transplant Mod
                        Custom Cask Mod
                        Custom Crystalarium Mod
                        Custom Farming Redux
                        Custom Furniture
                        Custom Furniture Anywhere
                        Custom Harvest Fix
                        Custom Kissing Mod
                        Custom Movies
                        Custom Music
                        Custom NPC Fixes
                        Custom Warp Locations
                        Customizable Cart Redux
                        Customizable Death Penalty
                        Customize Anywhere
                        Deep Woods Mod
                        Deluxe Grabber
                        Dish of the Day Display
                        Dynamic Night Time
                        Easier Farming
                        Entoarox Framework
                        Event Repeater
                        Extended Minecart
                        Family Planning
                        Farm Extended
                        Farm Type Manager
                        Farmhouse Redone
                        Farming Made Easy
                        Fast Animations
                        Faster Paths
                        Festival of the Mundane
                        Fish Me
                        Furniture Anywhere
                        Geode Info Menu
                        Giant Crop Ring
                        Gift Taste Helper
                        Grandfather's Gift Remade
                        Happy Birthday
                        Harp of Yoba Redux
                        Help Wanted Quest Fixes
                        Hold to Break Geodes
                        Instant Buildings
                        Instant Grow Trees
                        Json Assets
                        Jump Over
                        Lookup Anything
                        Lunar Disturbances
                        Magic Junimo Pet
                        Mail Framework Mod
                        Map Utilities
                        Mega Storage
                        Mine Changes
                        More Animals
                        More Buildings
                        More Personality for Demetrius
                        More Rings
                        Multiple Gifts for Spouse
                        No Crows
                        No Soil Decay Redux
                        NPC Map Locations
                        Omni Farm
                        Paritee's Better Farm Animal Variety
                        Paritee's Gender-Neutral Farm Animals
                        Paritee's Riding Helmet
                        Part of the Community
                        Pet's Water Bowl
                        Plantable Palm Trees
                        Platonic Relationships
                        Pond Painter
                        PPJA Producer Converter
                        Prairie King Made Easy
                        Prairie King Prizes
                        Price Drops
                        Prismatic Tools
                        Producer Framework Mod
                        Quality Products
                        Range Display
                        Recatch Legendary Fish
                        Remote Fridge Storage
                        Reset Terrain Features
                        Right Click Move Mode
                        Running Late
                        Safe Lightning
                        Sauvignon in Stardew Valley
                        Save Anywhere
                        Save Backup
                        Seed Bag
                        Self Service
                        Ship Anything
                        Ship From Inventory
                        Shop Expander
                        Simple Crop Label
                        Skull Cavern Elevator
                        Space Core
                        Spookier Spirit's Eve
                        Stardew Hack
                        Stardew Valley Expanded
                        Stardew Valley Summer Swimsuits
                        Stardust Core
                        Summit Reborn
                        TMX Loader
                        Tractor Mod
                        Train Whistle
                        Tree Changes
                        Tree Transplant
                        Walk Through Trellis
                        Wear More Rings
                        Winter Grass
                        XNB Loader
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