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Bug/Issue Junimo Hut Crash

Discussion in 'Support' started by DewmPhoenix, Feb 4, 2017.

  1. DewmPhoenix

    DewmPhoenix Space Hobo

    Every since I put Junimo Huts on my farm to harvest 1000+ Ancient fruit for me, if I'm ever on the farm while they are harvesting, the game crashes.

    Has anyone else had this issue? I feel like it might be because of the way I have them laid out, they are overlapping each others "territory" so I figured it might have to do with the way they interact with each other, but it's a real problem cause I can't even leave for the day to let them finish because after keeping busy ALL day, if I teleport home, it crashes if they aren't finished harvesting. It's turned into a real problem.

    If anyone knows why this is, please let me know, thanks!!
    • Punchobunz

      Punchobunz Space Hobo

      Yep I'm having the exact same problem, step outside in the morning to watch my magic jelly beans do all the work and the game crashes when I get close to them...six times in a row it's crashed
      • Kembreg

        Kembreg Intergalactic Tourist

        Still having that bug at current Xbox One version
        • Mystarry

          Mystarry Space Hobo

          2019 and I'm on PS4, same problem

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