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Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by Bormac, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. Bormac

    Bormac Starship Captain

    To be a proper fun game. There needs to be dragons! The big four legged fire breathing flying dragons! They could be friendly..dangerous..or both..based on color perhaps? Either way... I think it is important that these scaled beasts are included! It wouldn't be a proper game without dragons..right guys?
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  2. Afterscore

    Afterscore Weight of the Sky

    As far as I'm aware, Dragons have in fact already been confirmed ^^

    Rho, from the Dev team confirmed it in IRC and I'm sure if you take a look in the FAQ section there should be some record of the statement.
  3. Asmodheus

    Asmodheus Aquatic Astronaut

    Confirmed :c? I will delete my above post.
  4. Bormac

    Bormac Starship Captain

    Ah Confirmed? Excellent. But the concept of dragons can always be expanded upon too! Just an idea of course. Just glad to hear they are confirmed. I haven't had a chance to follow the waves of news. for the past few days. So that is good to hear.
  5. Afterscore

    Afterscore Weight of the Sky

    Naturally! I find it frustrating when I see a suggestion sounds like it has great potential for discussion, and the first reply is "Confirmed" and the discussion has suffered for it.

    I'm curious as to how exactly deadly these dragons are going to be, personally. Will they be more of a late game only mob on more challenging planets? Or do you think that we might simply work our way up the lizard ranks?
  6. Bormac

    Bormac Starship Captain

    Hmm, well there are all kinds of dragons out there.. weaker to stronger..depending on how old they are.. is it a full blooded four legged dragon..one of those odd Chinese serpent dragons.. A wyrm, a Wyvern... there's all sorts if you look up types of dragons... I can see dragon planets being dangerous places full of valuable treasure for example. Or perhaps the dragons are feuding... metallic (Traditionally "Good") Versus the solid colors (Traditionally "Bad") And you could take missions from them to aid in whatever conflict is bewing, on screen or not.. always fun to get involved in that kind of thing.
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  7. Afterscore

    Afterscore Weight of the Sky

    I see you really know your dragons!

    Dragon planet you say? Now that could be one interesting experience; think of all the princesses that need saving! Suggesting that they contain treasure too is an excellent idea in itself. I would personally expect more in the way of credits (or pixels as they're called) and various other items that have a generally high value instead of finding a pile of uber sweet weapons. It would suit a dragons characteristics better I think.
  8. Hebi

    Hebi Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Hmmm space dragons. I'm honestly waiting to see how we experience these dragons. It would be on higher threat level planets I would assume. Dragons could pose a serious problem for single players and encourage more player-player action.

    orrrr they could swarm YOU.
  9. Bormac

    Bormac Starship Captain

    I am pretty fond of dragons, yes. So many different kinds. Wild amount of varieties. So theres all kinds of things you could do with them. Evil, good, neutral, treasure hoarders. political manipulators. Bribery or blackmail..its all fair game! I kind of hope for more than just treasure hoarders myself. They are supposed to be very smart after all!

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