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    Hello people!
    I am here today because i want to share my project with you. Many years ago, inspiration struck and i made a map of a fantasy world. I like maps, you see, and i also loved fantasy worlds like The Elder Scrolls games. The original drawing was made on the inside of a packet of breadsticks, and i still have it to this day! I have, of course, scanned and redrew the map in Paint.net, so i can share that with you!
    This is a biome map with country borders and numbered countries. There are also capitol cities marked, but not named.
    Here's a key:
    As you can probably guess, there are a lot of animal people in this world. This is because elves, dwarves and orcs are dumb. Animals are much cuter. Alphabetically, these are the races i've chosen so far.
    Antilon, gazelle-like people from Antilo.
    Avians, bird-like people from the Hexian Empire.
    Barrans, bear-like people from Barrar.
    Bulvine, bovine-like people from North and South Assaria.
    Camelonians, camel-like people from Camelon and Desero.
    Canenians, jackal-like people from The Kingdom of Fire and Desero.
    Caprin, goat-like people from North and South Assaria.
    Diceros, rhinoceros-like people from Sahen and Desero.
    Ekken, elk-like people from the Alliance of Hunters.
    Felians, short lynx-like people from the Felian Empire.
    Fenikken, fennec-like people from Fenikke and Vixia.
    Helions, large, white carnivorous mammals from Hel.
    Hippon, horse-like people from North Assaria.
    Humans, furless apes from Hamland.
    Hyaenians, hyena-like people from Hyaenia.
    Lacertens, lizard-like people from Lacertei.
    Leonans, lion-like people from Leonica.
    Logos, two-horned dinosaur-like people from Logican.
    Loxos, elephant-like people from Sahen and Desero.
    Lycans, wolf-like people from Lupiera and Lycanthia.
    Merfolk, various fish-like people from Nazrea.
    Nazren, shark-like people from Nazrea.
    Okapen, okapi-like people from Antilo.
    Onyxians, cheetah-like people from Onyxia and Leonica.
    Quaggans, zebra-like people from Camelon, The Kingdom of Fire and Desero.
    Sciurans, 3ft tall rodent people with large ears, buck teeth and a fluffy tail from Sciuri.
    Tigrans, tiger-like people from Tigara.
    Vix, fox-like people from Vixia.
    I've been writing Bios for each of the countries, but i gave up halfway through.

    Hel is a very cold, aztec-themed land settled on a huge volcanic island. In the center of the island is a huge volcano that is due to erupt. The local peoples believe their sacrifices are the only thing stopping the volcano from erupting, which they believe would destroy the world. In reality, the sacrifices do not help, and the world would not end if it erupted. The volcano is prevented from erupting due to powerful earth magic from the Totem of Earth hidden deep in the volcano. Hel is inhabited by Helions, large white mammal people who resemble wolves and bears.

    The Alliance of Hunters are a large group of mostly nomadic hunter-gatherer tribes living in the arctic regions of Kartonas. They are a fairly peaceful people, who banded together to keep out the Felians and Lupierans. The Alliance is made up mostly of tribes of Ekken, Elk-like people who greatly respect nature.

    In the mountains at the north end of the continent is Barrar. The Barran are a very philosophical people who would probably have more land and money if they spent less time philosophising and more time working. Their architecture and culture are styled after East-Asian monks. They are very fond of balance. Barrar is mostly inhabited by a black or brown bear-like people called Barrans.

    I have not decided what’s the haps in Lupiera, but they are inhabited by wolf-people called Lycans with a gothic theme. (like, actual goths, not teenagers wearing black makeup)

    The Empire of Felia is always at war with someone. They are known for blood sports and shiny bronze-armoured soldiers. Felians are 5’ tall Lynx people who like baths and have a latin-themed culture.

    In the northeastern end of the continent lies the country of Hexia. The cities of Hexia are known to be overcrowded and dangerous. Their government is ruled by a dictatorship that does not care for its people. They are known to be in possession of the Wind Totem, which they use inside a huge turbine to power the floating half of their capital city. Its style is clockwork-themed. Its denizens are of many races, but tend to be Avians (bird-people).

    The people of Lycanthia are a simple people who enjoy raiding coastal villages and drinking alcohol. They have been separate from Lupiera for over a century. They are similar to Vikings, and are mostly inhabited by wolf-people called Lycans.

    Tigara is a country in the northern half of Kartonas, and is almost entirely land-locked. Its people like fancy clothes and delicate buildings similar to those of East Asia. The capital of Tigara floats on the surface of Kartonas’ largest lake. The country is mostly inhabited by Tigrans, but attracts many travellers and traders.

    Inhabiting the forests north of the mountains are the people of Sciuri. The forests they live in possess the largest trees in Kartonas, which is where they make their homes. Settlements in the west and south of the country tend to have houses amongst the treetops; whereas in the north and east parts of the country they tend to have houses on the forest floor. Both areas often hollow out trees to make homes. Sciuri is mostly inhabited by Sciurans, 3ft tall rodent people with large ears, buck teeth and bushy tails. They are known to be very staunch defenders of their land and people, and have a proud military history.

    The hills of Fenikke are where the Fenik live. Formerly a part of Vixia, it became its own country just over 400 years ago. Fenikke is a very hilly country; it has many minor rivers but no major rivers, and only one small port town. The people of the country are very pious individuals and are known to be staunch opponents of necromancy. The country was united by a demigodking and defeated a dangerous lich and its army of undead long ago. The current Monarch is the mother of the prince, who is a descendant of that demigod. The Fenik are a subspecies of Vix that are known to be smaller than average, but with larger ears.

    Vixia is a well-off country with a very large and successful navy. The country spans the eastern half of the forest north of the mountains, across several rivers that are often used as trade routes. They are Allies with several Hamland states. The country is inhabited mostly by Vix, a fox-like people who are stereotyped as upper-class.

    Possessing the most land of any country, in the centre of the continent lies the country of Hamland. It is a rich country with a large military, and is famous for it’s explorers. It has no single leader, instead being a collection of self-governing states with their own laws. While most countries use medieval weaponry, Hamland uses muskets and cannons. Surrounding the northwestern shores lie the Mouth of Kartonas, an underwater mountain range that is high enough to prevent the travel of large ships into or out of Hamland’s waters. The country is quite varied in its racial composition, with Humans being the most common race.

    Amongst the isles of Nazrea lie two countries that have only recently split; The Republic of Nazrea in the northeast and Nazrea proper, on the mainland and to the west. Recently, the Republic declared its independence because of a civil war. The government of Nazrea is known to be corrupt. The Nazrean isles are a tropical location, and is a popular holiday destination. Their culture is similar to that of Hawaii. The people of the upper class are mostly shark-like creatures called Nazren, but the lower classes are often of a mix of Nazren and other underwater merfolk.

    West of the mountains lie Logican. The Logish are an advanced people, who have become rich and famous for their advanced crystal-based ‘Manapunk’ technology. Their buildings reflect their technology, with many crystalline lights and magically-powered elevators. Logican is known to have many disagreements with Nazrea, but thankfully their people dislike war. The people of Logican are large reptile people, similar to the Triceratops but with only two horns. Despite its advanced technology, Logican has a very poor naval force.

    Further south is the country of Leonica. The Leonans share the crystal-based technology of the Logish, but their economy is severely lacking, meaning most still live without any of the benefits of this technology. Their buildings are similar to the buildings of Logican, but with less technology and generally worse construction. The people of Leonica are Lion-people similar to that of Tigara, only without the stripes.
    In the beginning there was a cosmic entity. This entity decided that eternal void was a dumb idea so they created the universe. The entity split itself into four lesser entities, the Major Gods, because it was lonely. The Minor Gods were created later by specific gods to help govern certain spheres.

    Major Gods:
    Gender: Male
    Race: Sciuran, sometimes Hyaenian
    Spheres: Spring, Weather, Beginnings and Air.
    Notes: Denn is worshipped on the First Equinox. He is known to be quiet, independent and blunt.

    Name: Pyria
    Gender: Female
    Race: Leonan, sometimes Tigran
    Spheres: Summer, Heat, Creativity and Fire.
    Notes: Pyria is worshipped on the First Solstice. She is known to be excitable and friendly.

    Name: Ruma
    Gender: Male
    Race: Ekken, sometimes Bulvine
    Spheres: Autumn, Harvest, Labour and Earth.
    Notes: Ruma is worshipped on the Last Equinox. He is known to be calm and forgiving.

    Name: Aquiz
    Gender: Female
    Race: Nazren
    Spheres: Winter, Knowledge, Rest and Water.
    Notes: Aquiz is worshipped on the Last Solstice. She is known to be wise and forethoughtful.

    Minor Gods:
    Vitaemu, Barran goddess of nature. Daughter of Ruma and Aquiz. Like a hippy, but eats meat.
    Fralex, Logish goddess of magic. Daughter of Pyria and Aquiz. “You can’t tell me what to do!”
    Kreptus, Lycan god of war. Son of Denn and Pyria. Never gets to invade anyone.
    Heriaz, Antilon god of time. Son of Denn and Aquiz. In charge of meddling time travellers.
    Pecunia, Avian god of commerce. Son of Pyria and Ruma. Fond of bling.
    Carmia, Onyxian goddess of festivals. Daughter of Denn and Pyria. Likes dancing and wine.
    Azjar, god of life and death. Son of all four Gods. Handles the souls.

    I also have another plane designed but not mapped or written, and an afterlife system featuring a Heaven and Hell.
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    I would be careful with elemental deities, its easy to reel off and fall into the typical "hey this looks a lot like X blah blah blah thing"

    I tried designing a world once...

    its still a work in progress...

    But yours looks pretty good! I like the choices you ve mae for its inhabitants
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    I really want to dive in in this, but it's so much to read ;-; I'll have to take my time, since i love fictional universes[DOUBLEPOST=1451087924][/DOUBLEPOST]
    I have a world, but i stoped working on it because nobody cares c=
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    Am I the only one who feels like they contributed a little towards this?


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    Believe me, it was the first thing I thought when i read it xD
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    Looks like I get an island out of it I guess :p
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    Hel is named after the norse goddess/location of the same name c:
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    I already knew that

    It makes my name much more awesome....
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    Information overload T.T But this is really cool! I may or may not have taken some inspiration from this for future works... if you don't mind that is. :3
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    Yikes, this is a lot of good stuff. I can't imagine how much time went into this. Amazing :)
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    • Made the map's key into an image so it's easier to read.
    • Named and listed each of the races.
    • Added a few more country descriptions.
    • Shared what i've written about the gods so far.
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    Treat my island nicely. :D
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