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RELEASED Keep Your Day Job! 1.3 Fix 2017-09-16

Allows you to reject crewmembers - turning them back into villagers

  1. Zweanslord

    Zweanslord Master Chief

    Zweanslord submitted a new mod:

    Keep Your Day Job! 1.3 Fix - Allows you to reject crewmembers - turning them back into villagers

    Read more about this mod...
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  2. Quinch

    Quinch Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Hey, cool! I was hoping the original mod would be updated and it was a nice surprise to see the fix on the mod list!
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  3. lemes

    lemes Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    noob question
    i need only this, or original togheter?
  4. Zweanslord

    Zweanslord Master Chief

    Glad to hear, Quinch!
    lemes, you need this one instead of the original, they should not go together. I'll include that bit of information in the mod description!
  5. DraikNova

    DraikNova Ketchup Robot

    Did you only fix the "rejecting wannabe crew members" bit, or did you also manage to fix the "retire crew members with a custom colony deed" functionality?
  6. Zweanslord

    Zweanslord Master Chief

    Only fixed the rejecting wannabe crew members, unfortunately. Forgot to test the retire crew members functionality, assuming that the piece of code that was updated in 1.3 and lacking in the mod was the cause of both not working. After some testing, this turned out not to be the case. I just now tried looking into the problem about custom colony deed, but it does not seem to be as easy a fix. Admittedly, I never actually tried out that functionality myself, even in 1.2, so I don't really know how it is supposed to work. With a change I can get the mod to give me a deed, but then it spawns the npc and immediately despawns, so that's not good. I'll look into it more tomorrow, but it might help if you could describe how you have seen it working in the past.
  7. DraikNova

    DraikNova Ketchup Robot

    From what I understand, it's supposed to, upon dismissal of a certain crew member, spawn a colony deed set to a: always spawn the same tenant who b: should be set to have the same physical appearance as the dismissed crew member. There was the question of what NPC type the tenant should be, but from what I understand, the default was a generic villager NPC.
  8. Zweanslord

    Zweanslord Master Chief

    Looked into it further, testing the mod in Starbound 1.2, and found the same errors with the creation of a dismissed crew member deed as I was experiencing in my tests in Starbound 1.3. This means my update of the mod to 1.3 have not introduced new bugs. The causes of the deed, generated from dismissing a crew member, not working are from the original mod.

    From my analysis of the code, and my tests, the working of the mod is that upon dismissal, a deed is generated with a type of tenant based on the crew member type. For example, a tailor would generate a socialite. Only when the crew member is not known by the mod, the intention is to generate a generic villager npc, though what actually occurs is an error occurring and the deed is not spawned.
    When placing the deed, unfortunately at bits in the script it will frequently generate an error after placing the deed, causing the deed to display and remain stuck at the red plus sign and the circling red dots, never spawning the tenant.

    So far it has taken me quite a lot of time to delve through the Starbound and mod assets, as well as testing, to come to this conclusion. To fix the bugs which belong to the original mod, it would require more effort and as my understanding of the assets in Starbound ar just at a frail beginning, this would be difficult and time consuming for me to do. I apologise, as I will not be making that effort at the moment. Besides other time commitments, I prefer to play the game, content in the knowledge that at least the part with "rejecting wannabe crew members" works.
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  9. steakhutzeee

    steakhutzeee Tentacle Wrangler

    So if I use the mod with my actual save, my actual crew will be lost?
  10. Zweanslord

    Zweanslord Master Chief

    No, any current crew you have are unaffected and will remain with you. This mod has no effect on that.

    I'm not quite sure what raised the question, so if you wish to elaborate, that could be useful. If the question is based on my above post, the original mod states that upon dismissing your crew, so when you go to S.A.I.L. on your ship, go to the ship crew member and then press "Dismiss", you would get a deed, which you could place and spawn the crew member. Unfortunately, this did not seem to work properly even in Starbound 1.2 as the deed will frequently not spawn the crew member properly and this mod will not fix that for Starbound 1.3.
    If you refer to the situation where, if you had not installed this mod before, and in your current save you have tenants who wish to be a crew member (but you have not accepted them yet), then upon interacting with them and clicking "Nope", they should revert to a villager tenant. Any new tenants who offer to join the crew, and which you decline, will once again be the tenant they were before offering to become a crew member.

    I hope this answers the question, but if not, please let me know and I will do me best to answer!
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  11. steakhutzeee

    steakhutzeee Tentacle Wrangler

    Thank you for your complete answer! :D

    I was referring about the Overview where you say "- If the npc became a crewmember before this mod was installed, they will become a villager, regardless of what they were before."

    I'm not native english, or good enough and maybe i've misunderstood something :p

    I don't remember now, but without this mod what're the choices I ve when an npc want to be part of my crew?

    Thanks again!
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  12. Zweanslord

    Zweanslord Master Chief

    steakhutzee, without the mod you have the choice between "Not yet" and the choice that hires them. If you press "Not yet", the npc will remain in his crew member outfit, bugging you to take him or her with you to the stars, until you hire him or her. This mod replaces "Not yet" with "Nope", reverting them to the npc they were originally, unless they were asking to be part of the crew at the time of installing this mod, then they become villagers. Hope that answers your question!

    notanaccount2, this is a stadalone mod. Do not use the original mod and this one together, but use this one for Starbound 1.3. I have edited the description to try and be more specific about this. There is no metadata in this mod, because there was no metadata in the original mod. I have not looked up how to make metadata or what it really does. If I may kindly ask, what kind of information had you expected to find in a possible metadata file to answer your question?
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  13. steakhutzeee

    steakhutzeee Tentacle Wrangler

    So actually the bug of the deeds occurs only with crew member I had before the mod right? The others, acquired after the mod is installed work fine.
    So if I install the mod and then dismiss a member of my crew (one I have from before installing the mod), he or her will generate a generic villager deed, but this will not work. Right?

    If I've intended right the use of the mod is that selecting 'no', the npc don't follow/bother you if u refuse them. Right?
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  14. Zweanslord

    Zweanslord Master Chief

    notanaccount2, thanks for the example! I'll try and see if I have some time tomorrow or in the weekend to add a metadata file to the mod.

    steakhutzee, no, I'm sorry to say the bug related to the deeds occurs even if you had the crew member after installing the mod. The bug I came across, and which was present in the Starbound 1.2 version, means that there is a very high chance that after you dismiss your crew member from your ship, you get a deed and when you place it, it only shows a red plus on the deed and the tenant never spawns.

    You're right about the selecting no. If you have a npc which wants to join your crew, and you select "Nope", they will change back to the appearance they had before they started dressing up with the crew uniform, and will stop following you around and asking you if they can join.
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  15. Zweanslord

    Zweanslord Master Chief

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  16. Sparky42

    Sparky42 Void-Bound Voyager

    I noticed something,
    Upon nope-ing wannabe crew members, some jobs, ( in my case "Diver", and "Soldier") retain their head gear. The body sprite returns to a normal villager, but the head sprite still has the diver's helmet or whatever it's supposed to be, for example. Can this be fixable?
  17. Zweanslord

    Zweanslord Master Chief

    Apologies for the late reply. You're right, I noticed the same bug with one of Frackin' Universe's crew member types. Unfortunately I do not have the time at present or in the nearby future to look into the issue. Perhaps later, if I have more time and apologies I cannot help fix this at the moment.
    I vaguely recall that I did have this problem earlier, but there was a way to get rid of the headgear. I believe it was by something like destroying a piece of the background or removing one of their desired items (ie, the light sources, background piece or specific racial objects for a specific racial tenant) after which the tenant starts complaining and despawns. If you then place back the item, the tenant will be respawned without crew headgear. Though if the tenant had headgear before wanting to become crew member, by a quest or something, the tenant won't have that headgear, but simply none. I may be remembering wrong, however, so don't hold me to it and make a backup before testing, in case the tenant is replaced by an entirely new tenant.
  18. Sparky42

    Sparky42 Void-Bound Voyager

    Absolutely no problem! I appreciate the advice you gave me, maybe I could try it out if I have the time, but as of right now, it's not really that big of an issue.
    No worries about not being able to address the issue, real life first right? Hope everything goes well for you. Thanks again.
  19. qinlongfei

    qinlongfei Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I like the premise of this mod, being able to return a potential crew to a villager, or spawn a deed that only spawn the dismissed crew member so I can spawn them into my colony. That being said, I do think the implementation can be fine tuned for a bit.

    I like the idea of completing random quest for my settlers make them turn into potential crew who can start defend themselves from monsters. So turning them back into a villager NPC through dialogue can be a bit problematic since the potential crews have a habit of follow the player around and I may click them by accident when I want to interact with an object or to a vendor. Would great if you can make a version where we craft some item to turn them back into villagers instead, not sure if that's possible to code. Would also be great if there's a compatibility patch for mods to allow the villagers to retain their original cloth instead of switching to a Protectorate uniform.
  20. AngleWyrm

    AngleWyrm Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Or change the dialog box so that the default "escape" action does not result in "decline."
    Or have them freeze in place while the dialog is open.
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