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WIP Killerbanana's Overhauling fuel mod

Discussion in 'Crafting and Building' started by Killerbanana16, Feb 2, 2014.

  1. Killerbanana16

    Killerbanana16 Poptop Tamer

    Killerbanana's fuel overhaul mod + check down in the reply section for more future content!

    Ever wanted to travel across the galaxy's faster, but still keep the game fairly balanced? This is probably the mod you need.

    This mod will add new liquefied ores to help you in getting that fuel counter up! It will add the fuelifier, that will turn the ores into their liquid state. Then once they are turned into their liquid state, they can be used as fuel on your ship. Its a pretty basic idea, and is just meant for fuel.

    If you liquidize more rare ores, more fuel will be created. The fuelifier will be farely easy to get, 5 coal and 20 cobblestone. Meant for getting it early on. It will be very worth it to use the 5 coal to create it. It will give you a large bonus in fuel when you turn ores into liquid. Coal will also give you double the fuel that you can get when turned into liquid.

    Im new to the whole mod thing, but been reading/watching some tutorials on how to create them and now im addicted. This mod doesn't add much, but hey its the first one im uploading. The mod probably won't be up for a day or two, since i am currently writing this on my phone, and other school related things. I had the idea to create this mod since the day i got the game, last month. I don't know if someone as already created a mod like this. If someone has please inform me :)

    Leave any ideas for future updates. I will be glad you did.

    Current content:
    • Fuelifier
    • Liquid ores (Copper, iron, silver, coal, platinum, diamond, gold, uranium)
    • Custom images for each object(They arn't that great...im using paint)
    Future content:
    • More liquid ores (Iron, Titanium, Aegisalt, Ceraulium, Rubium, Solarium, Plutonium)
    • SuperFuelifier (Doubles the power of normal liquid fuel)
    • JetFuel ore

    Hope you enjoy!!!!!
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  2. Killerbanana16

    Killerbanana16 Poptop Tamer

    Future Content Update
    After posting this mod i had another idea for the future content. This other idea i had will help expand the fuel overhaul, beyond just fuel and move it into torches and camp fires.
    • Using liquid fuel you will be allowed to create stronger torches, for more heat and different colored torches!
    • Using liquid fuel you will allowed to create stronger campfires, for more heat and different colored campfires!
    • Lanterns are in the near future!
    This could be a possible different mod, but will still run using this mod.
  3. Mackinz

    Mackinz The Waste of Time

    Cool ideas, but there's one problem:

    No one can download your mod because you did not link to it or include it as an attachment in your posts.
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