Modding Help [(kind of) SOLVED] Trying to change the day and night cycle

Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by SilvanaDamikola, Jun 3, 2024.

  1. SilvanaDamikola

    SilvanaDamikola Intergalactic Tourist

    Hi everybody.
    I know it's impossible to change the ratio between day and night in standard vanilla Starbound as both are exactly 50% of the full day cycle.
    I also know how to change the duration of a day cycle by modding the file terrestrial_worlds.config. In fact I did this and I'm quite satisfied with the result in general. I just would love to have the night be only one third of the full cycle, the day takig up the other two thirds.
    Since it's impossible in vanilla, does anybody know if one of the forks (OpenStarbound, xSB-2, you name it) can be modded to support different ratios between night and day?
  2. SilvanaDamikola

    SilvanaDamikola Intergalactic Tourist

    I talked to the person who maintains xSB-2 and as far as I understand it's pretty clear that it's impossible in the fork(s) as well since they want to maintain compatibility with the vanilla client versions.
    This thread can therefore be considered closed.
  3. Rezetrx

    Rezetrx Void-Bound Voyager

    You could create a server-side script (perhaps in an invisible object or such) that grabs the time, then sets the time to the grabed value + an additional fraction. You can steer when to accelerate it based on the current time compared to the total time of a day/night cycle.
    With this you accelerate time through skipping with the fraction.

    I'm sorry if you have already thought or tried this, in which case you can ignore my comment.
  4. SilvanaDamikola

    SilvanaDamikola Intergalactic Tourist

    Let me tell you, it's more or less impossible in vanilla Starbound. I tried everything ;) I'm not sure if it's allowed to talk about forks here, so I won't write how I solved it but my mod doesn't work in vanilla.

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