Boss LandCrusader [Metal Wagon - Zero 1]

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    Idea By,Elisey


    Looks like penguins not played enough with you , you want to test his new toy .

    Attacks Boss stages if the player away - its fragmentation shells Shells - fragmentation shells are free to roll on the ground - or shoot penguins that pancake landing , just the third gun can shoot bombs that can explode in the sky , dropping parachute.

    If the player is very close - Boss includes your hands , it can grab you and throw or a long drink on the ground , his hands just can play the role of hammers and shields against bullets , sometimes the boss opens his mouth - something that is not a steam boiler - and from there out tanks - by language - and penguins on the exoskeleton, so the boss can ram you, but that when his health has dropped below 25 % of the total .

    Boss knows how to jump , his hands are strong enough that would throw his breath , and break blocks with his hands. If a player hid him in a cave or fortifications , the structure is not long withstand the onslaught of the boss.

    Falls scheme to a new sector , pixel - 600 bars .

    Comment,Criticisms are welcome, and thank you all.

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