Landing on the Sun

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Landing on the Sun for resources?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. Hueman

    Hueman Sandwich Man

    what signature?
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  2. cyberspyXD

    cyberspyXD Tiy's Beard

    you can see peoples signatures in the information part of their profile.
  3. Hueman

    Hueman Sandwich Man

    lol, I did search, as stated in one of my previous posts.
  4. Wargod

    Wargod Pangalactic Porcupine

    Stars are hot enough to incinerate just about any material, I think the idea is a bit silly and too far-stretched. ;) Of course in the universe of Starbound there may be some extremely heat-resisting materials capable of withstanding the temperature/gravitational pull off a star. What would you harvest on the stars though?
  5. Nintendo_Play

    Nintendo_Play Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Instead of landing on the star, there could be a research station in its orbit that can create matter from the immense amount of energy the star creates. However because of the quality of this material, it would be heavily guarded to prevent outsiders from getting the material. The material would be useable in very high tiered weapons and armor.
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  6. Hueman

    Hueman Sandwich Man

    I don't know what it would be called, that is why in the OP I referred to it as 'Solar Element.' I think that due it being extremely hard to get this, the material could make some pretty epic gear. Or even summon a boss...
  7. SpaceHyena

    SpaceHyena Zero Gravity Genie

    "stretch our imagination"
    What just because the sun doesnt have land it means that it cant be in the game?
    So... just because poop isnt a living thing... it should not be in the game?
    Just because mechs dont exist they shouldnt be in the game?
    They SHOULD!

    Now, to be honest. This idea isnt really good :C .
    I mean the sun is preety empty and it would be hard to imagine what sorta things could be on the sun.
    It could technically be like a bossfight on the sun or something, with everthing planned and prepared but... other than that I dont see a way to do it.
    However Its interesting!
    The important thing is that you tried! :D

    MEWMEW Existential Complex

    Actually no, you can see people's signatures directly under their reply to a thread
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  9. Clockwork

    Clockwork Master Astronaut

    Since you have signature I kind of assumed you have them on...

    So then why did you post this thread?
  10. Hueman

    Hueman Sandwich Man

    Well, I dont see any signatures. Not even mine.
    Because I didn't find any threads where walking on the surface of a star was mentioned. Or the idea of using a piece of the sun to forge equipment.
  11. Clockwork

    Clockwork Master Astronaut

    Well you should probably turn them on in your settings.
  12. Hueman

    Hueman Sandwich Man

  13. Farathil

    Farathil Spaceman Spiff

    Short astronomy lesson people!

    Elements (pct. of total mass)
    Hydrogen 71.0
    Helium 27.1
    Oxygen 0.97
    Carbon 0.40
    Nitrogen 0.096
    Silicon 0.099
    Magnesium 0.076
    Neon 0.058
    Iron 0.014
    Sulfur 0.040

    Note that once iron starts being produced and is ABUNDANT it will go super nova like all stars.
    This is relevant because since there are so many stars to explore some of them would have limited time until they explode. It could be hours to millions of years. In game it would be random I guess.
    A problem with actually going to the sun it is 11,000-27 million degrees Fahrenheit depending on the layer of the sun you are in.
    So you would need a to make a suit AND tools, that can withstand that much heat WHILE keeping your own body temp around 98 degrees F inside the suit.
  14. cyberspyXD

    cyberspyXD Tiy's Beard

    Really? for some reason I cant anybody's signatures unless I am on their page.
  15. Clockwork

    Clockwork Master Astronaut

    You have to turn it on in your preferences.
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  16. NFossil

    NFossil Phantasmal Quasar

    We travel to moons and put robots on other planets. That's much more realistic than having land on giant orbs of fusion. I do support adventure on stars, but it'll have to be more creative than simply putting land on them.
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  17. OmniGeoff

    OmniGeoff Weight of the Sky

    Landing on a star is a stretch, but I do believe in collecting solar energy or gases emitted by the star. Same goes for gas giants. Who says we can't collect Hydrogen, Helium, Methane (lol futureisnow), and all that jazz in the future? I'd like to expand beyond the mundane walk and swim on a plain planet. Stars aren't just for gravity, you know.
  18. Hueman

    Hueman Sandwich Man

    Perhaps a solar flare would be more in order then. Let the sun come to us. Kind of like the 'Meteor has fallen' in Terraria. But I bet thats already been talked about on some other thread.
  19. lordofpowies

    lordofpowies Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Hey now, who said we shouldn't be able to land on gas giants? Maybe the whole terrain could be liquid, and as you go deeper eventually you hit a solid ice core or something.
  20. cyberspyXD

    cyberspyXD Tiy's Beard

    That is not.... How.... Gas..... Giants...... Work....
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