Landing on the Sun

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Landing on the Sun for resources?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. Clockwork

    Clockwork Master Astronaut

    "swimming". We're talking about liquid literally denser than almost anything on the surface of the earth, in other words it's pretty much a solid. If you found out a way to enter it at more than a snails pace then you would face the problem of it be iron, which isn't exactly a crystal clear substance.
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  2. MyLittleBurger

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    Gas giants have some form of core, though if you ignited the gas giant... Not to sure what would happen to that core after that.
  3. Farathil

    Farathil Spaceman Spiff

    Best way to describe if you were trying to get "into" the sun.
  4. cyberspyXD

    cyberspyXD Tiy's Beard

    I could only picture in my mind a ship orbiting the gas giant getting some rare gasses from it (Fuel maybe).
  5. Madae

    Madae Zero Gravity Genie

    I propose a compromise; rare planets that are very close to the star and lack normal life, but where you can find said element. That would be more feasible, I think, since it wouldn't require any real changes (since it'd just be another planet, albeit in a rare spot in the system). It'd also be feasible to include some sort of craftable gear to withstand the temperature.
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  6. Alvarol

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    Un planeta que desde fuera, en la nave, fuese un planeta, una estrella que orbite a otra.
    Que al igual que en los planetas gaseosos de frking-universe esté sumergido en un fluido muy denso que produzca lo muerte por contacto, hasta descender al núcleo, que seria un fluido aún mas denso en el cual no se pudiese descender, y que si no tienes el equipo apropiado, el estar en estos "recintos planetario" te produjese un efecto que pusiese tu pantalla con un filtro cegador y te matase, el equipo debe conseguirse mediante los minerales en The Ruin y con ellos crear un EPP definitivo.

    Con los materiales extraídos en las estrellas se podrían fabricar armas o dispositivos divinos ejem-ejem-miolnir-ejem-ejem con un altar / forja de dioses (nebulites) con precios EXORBITANTES

    Colores: LÍQUIDOS del amarillo al blanco
    del violeta al blanco

    Atmósfera superior y zona de asteroides: bloques solitarios y azarosos que fuesen útiles como fuentes de energía u otras cosas (incandescentes / brillantes)

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    A planet that from the outside, in the ship, was a planet, a star that orbits another.
    That as in the gaseous planets of frking-universe is submerged in a very dense fluid that produces death by contact, until descending to the nucleus, which would be an even denser fluid in which it could not descend, and that if not You have the appropriate equipment, being in these "planetary enclosures" will produce an effect that would put your screen with a blinding filter and kill you, the equipment must be obtained through the minerals in The Ruin and with them create a definitive EPP.

    With the materials extracted in the stars, weapons or divine devices could be manufactured, eg, ahem-miolnir-ahem-ahem with an altar / forge of gods (nebulites) with EXORBITANT prices.

    Colors: LIQUIDS from yellow to white
    from violet to white

    Upper atmosphere and asteroid zone: solitary and random blocks that were useful as sources of energy or other things (incandescent / bright)
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    Nothing smarter than reviving a 5 year old thread to post a message in another language.
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    Forum rules require all posts to be in English, or provide a translation. I've added one for you, but it's your responsibility to include them yourself from now on.

    Furthermore, please bear in mind that reviving old threads will only be acceptable if the thread is still relevant and the post is on-topic. This thread thread has been inactive for almost five years, and is suggesting something that won't be added to the game. I'll leave it open, but I ask that you be more mindful of posting in older threads.
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