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What language do you speak?

  1. English

  2. Spanish

  3. French

  4. German

  5. Italian

  6. Chinese

  7. Japanese

  8. Korean

  9. Other (state in post)

  1. Pepinard

    Pepinard Poptop Tamer


    I confirm those lasts posts. Many people ask if the game support french language on differents forums.

    I'm sure you're aware of it, some guys have done a complet traduction of the v1.2 on the steamcommunity.

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    • Arqon

      Arqon Space Hobo

      Please add polish language... <3
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      • Themen098

        Themen098 Void-Bound Voyager

        My native language is dutch.
        Otherwise i speak english
        • tom7351

          tom7351 Void-Bound Voyager

          I'm a dutchie.
          • xproj1976

            xproj1976 Space Hobo

            Italian please, for my children!
            • Esfandiari

              Esfandiari Space Hobo

              Me and my friends here in Indonesia need Indonesian Bahasa language. Thank you very much :)
              • Hreni

                Hreni Space Hobo

                Polish ;-;
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                • xdanielookx

                  xdanielookx Space Hobo

                  Cześć, proszę Polski : nuruhappy:
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                  • zarkoff

                    zarkoff Space Hobo

                    But no way to have it on switch version, right ?
                    English is ok for me but no French Translation is problematic for my children so if it could be added wih a futur update, it would be a great gift.
                    It's like with Golf Story, they like seeing me playing but they can't play alone.
                    My credit card is ready, I just wait for translation to give you my money.
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                    • sonani

                      sonani Space Spelunker

                      Please add Polish ;)
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                      • Red Dawn

                        Red Dawn Space Hobo

                        Please add French on Nintendo Switch
                        • Yepod

                          Yepod Space Hobo

                          • DarkusS

                            DarkusS Space Hobo

                            Add poland...
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                            • Honor Shipping

                              Honor Shipping Big Damn Hero

                              Go to Nexusmods and check for a mod for the translation to your native language if it isn't already supported under localization. Asking here and then hoping it gets added isn't going to do much. At least make an active effort to come up with temporary solutions while you wait.
                              • Typhoon

                                Typhoon Spaceman Spiff

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                              • Kamilowskyy!

                                Kamilowskyy! Space Hobo

                                Hey! Please add Polish guys! :catcry:
                                • diden19022

                                  diden19022 Yeah, You!

                                  add Polish language pls
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                                  • Saraneth

                                    Saraneth Big Damn Hero

                                    Hrm. Poll is set to only allow one choice. Many folks speak more than one language, even as L1s.
                                    • max_spartacus

                                      max_spartacus Space Hobo

                                      Please add polish language
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                                      • m4emka

                                        m4emka Poptop Tamer

                                        I speak polish please add this language to game.

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