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RELEASED Latexians Latexians Racemod

Latex, Hightech, PG Rated

  1. helpmewithmods

    helpmewithmods Space Spelunker

    will this mod ever be updated to unstable / stable starbound just wondering
  2. Xentor Antarix

    Xentor Antarix Ketchup Robot

    Hmmm normal it is, it should work fine. Why you ask? Having a problem?
    One Problem I had is that I can not update the Directlink, this site provides. It does not update when I do, for fix this I added an by me made link to dropbox where you can download it. It is at the end of the moddesription.
  3. helpmewithmods

    helpmewithmods Space Spelunker

    im wondering why because to dossent work for me when i put it in my mods folder it just dossent pop up
  4. Xentor Antarix

    Xentor Antarix Ketchup Robot

    Did you extract it? I made not one of these pak modfiles. (Know not how). Like said I would need to knon logfile errors or so, to can rela help you.
    I did today a total complete restart. the Race works smooth like expected. Do you have the correct Raceextender? (you know a mod that allows more races than the normal vanilla ones).
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2018
  5. DarkSwordsman

    DarkSwordsman Scruffy Nerf-Herder

  6. Xentor Antarix

    Xentor Antarix Ketchup Robot

    I cleared this. I did upload it now myselfe to Steam. and his upload has been terminated. Thanks.
  7. helpmewithmods

    helpmewithmods Space Spelunker

    finaly thank you
  8. teriyakiRecipe

    teriyakiRecipe Yeah, You!

    bruh this thing is dead on dropbox it ain't existing no more, but such nice
  9. xxmrdark3xx

    xxmrdark3xx Intergalactic Tourist

    please update dropbox link
  10. Jacobgamer93

    Jacobgamer93 Void-Bound Voyager

    Well that's kind of a bummer... It seems that this mod is no longer available. I would have loved to be able to download this, but I guess it has been deleted.

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