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    With the 1.3 patch and multiplayer rapidly approaching, I wanted to update my mod (hopefully Content Patcher compatible by the time I figure that stuff out).

    Problem is, I'm kinda stumped for idea's.
    So that's why I started this thread;

    Send me your requests and idea's and things you'd like to see; be it original, something out of your own closet or something from an anime. I can't promise it'll be in the update but I'm sure as hell going to give it a shot!

    If you want to check out my mod so far, it's up on Nexus Mods and here on the Chucklefish Forums

    In the mean time, here's what I have so far:

    2018-05-01 (3).png

    Two jackets, lovingly named Melon and Eggplant
    A trio of matching jackets, that now that I look at it is actually the colors of the Power Puff Girls
    The white with two blak stripes is something I own myself, same goes for the grey on black one next to it
    The "I'm with dunce" except because its an 8x square its just the arrows as matching shirts for mulitplayer
    A bee shirt with wings on the back
    An outfit based on Lucina's sprite from FE:Awakening
    And a tunic inspired by Link's outfit from BOTW

    I figured out how to make Content Patcher work for my mod! It may seem as a small thing since it's pretty easy, but as someone who knows jack about coding and stuff, it's a bit intimidating to look at from the outside, even with the guides.

    So 4.0 will definetly be content patcher compatible!
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