Modding Help Leia The Mando Story: A frivolous attempt at creating my perfect game : )

Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by zed1472, Jan 17, 2022.


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  1. zed1472

    zed1472 Space Hobo

    First Time playing, and was looking to start as a human on a quest/race specific species.

    The Mandalorian mod has restrictive models with unavailable customization options, I would like to use the Leia Organna mod to Fly around the universe with Grogu all the while being kick-ass Leia!

    I have gotten some ideas like
    ""1. Create a character (the type of spaceship you want) and reach the "Outpost Progress" that the spaceship is repaired, then return to the main menu and play your main character
    2. Close the game, find the second most recently played "innocent victim" in the Storage folder "PLAYER" in chronological order, and change his Shipworld name to the name of your first archived character (note that the previous Shipworld should be drag away for backup).
    3. That's it""

    But I would really like to start the game as Leia and get the full experience and sentiment.

    Does anyone know of console commands or something I can do to get this to work
    This is my attempt fml

  2. zed1472

    zed1472 Space Hobo

    Does anyone know how to imply swap ships?
  3. Hedison

    Hedison Space Spelunker

    If I understood you correctly, then you should help this guide, which recently wrote:
    And if anything, you can write specific questions to the author of the guide in the comments, maybe he will help you.

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