Let the blue wig offensive begin.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Saal, Jul 29, 2012.

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  1. Saal

    Saal Spaceman Spiff

    Hello, ladies and gentlemen, look at my kitty buddy Solum, now back to me, now back at Solum, now back to me.


    Sadly, he isn’t me, but if he stopped using traditional head fur and switched to this pretty blue wig, he could look like he’s me. Look down, back up, where are you? You’re on Starbound forums with the cat your cat could look like. What’s in your hand, back at me.


    I have it, it’s an oyster with that wig you love. Look again, the wig is now diamonds.


    Anything is possible when your cat looks like King of Cats and not a traditional cat.
    I’m on a chair, taking a nap.

    Everyone should have this blue wig. FOR SCIENCE.
    I can make it right here, you need to post here with your (avatar) head.

    Like your wig? Set it as your new, prettier avatar! :3

    Currently it's 103 persons! List updated 21/10/12
    List of members that already got their wigs by me, in post date order:

    1. Solum
    2. xenonni
    3. Falcon42 (pre-thread)
    4. mollygos
    5. Vapor Horologium Corpus
    6. Pancakes (first, pre-thread)
    7. Demetric
    8. Breather
    9. Giant Squid
    10. A.N.T.I.
    11. Shock Horror
    12. pwner53
    13. EpicFace
    14. Pancakes again lol
    15. Zizou
    16. Vortex594
    17. TehLonelyDonut
    18. mrmcmo
    19. Darthkitten
    20. YoungUnicorn
    21. Evinagro
    22. Bonabopn
    23. Ghostar
    24. nic329
    25. The Enlightened Grue
    26. Jumble in the Rungle
    27. Noidness
    28. Sir Logan
    29. ShinxSphere
    30. Jimlad42
    31. Zizou's "feel like a sir" pic
    32. creepwolf
    33. thespacephantom
    34. Stargazer
    35. Ianflow
    36. Valen
    37. Omega Shadowcry
    38. Zailiner
    39. Omatsu
    40. Doomhawk5
    41. Milly Rainbowskittlez
    42. FleetingFlowAir724
    43. photostyle (done by himself)
    44. Aeridan
    45. Vortex594
    46. saracresp
    47. JH_Jonvandar_Gold1
    48. Templer 6
    49. GunmanRex
    50. Kint
    51. TehEpikMonk
    52. The Enlightened Grue again
    53. Cosmo
    54. Catoosie
    55. GutS
    56. Xorianth
    57. StarMetal25
    58. Zailiner again
    59. Nicolas
    60. Bella
    61. Treeman4
    62. Tails7712
    63. 1.1
    64. Duex
    65. Lennon1398
    66. Quae_116
    67. ThatAmazingPerson
    68. artist1million
    69. Aeridan
    70. Phurenix
    71. Captain_Pig
    72. iBanana 4S™
    73. Ghostar
    74. Stargazer
    75. Breather
    76. The Demon of Borders
    77. Scarytankman10
    78. The Laser Rifle
    79. Angry Muffin
    80. Killazer
    81. Meldieboy
    82. Nathan B.
    83. Luna
    84. WoxandWarf
    85. Crazyon
    86. Auraknight
    87. Platipus
    88. Nathan B.
    89. ClickCrisis
    90. SStranger
    91. Straw Hat
    92. GunmanRex
    93. Gilgax
    94. H.G.scout
    95. Covert0ddity
    96. Aetherus
    97. photostyle (made by Suika Ibuki, "the hottest new Blue-Haired avatar on the Starbound forums")
    98. Slender Man (made by himself)
    99. Azazel
    100. BioApple
    101. Galactic Mindswipe
    102. Breather
    103. Zizou
    104. FleetingFlowAir

    #100 wig: BioApple - 21/10/12 (81 days since the beginning)

    Original digital copy of original cutting of my wig (because I have one and only original :rofl:) is here:

    333avatarkotpb_wig [Saal].png (click to expand ofc)
    If you'll use it, I'd be pleased if you'll post at least my nick/thread-link somewhere in pic/post.

    Let the blue wig offensive begin! >:D
  2. Solum

    Solum Cosmic Narwhal

    Sense. This thread makes none.
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  3. Saal

    Saal Spaceman Spiff

    Welcome to Clan Infinity.
    Now, I already made a wig for you. I'll wait for another person.
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  4. xenonni

    xenonni Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Saal says [∞]
    (no idea)
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  5. xenonni

    xenonni Scruffy Nerf-Herder

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  6. Saal

    Saal Spaceman Spiff

    You have now wig, lolumad. How are you feeling?
  7. Falcon42

    Falcon42 Starship Captain

    (Saal made this) Thank you, Saal, for making me feel aweshum.
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  8. xenonni

    xenonni Scruffy Nerf-Herder

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  9. Solum

    Solum Cosmic Narwhal

    Why does that look sexy for me? o_O
    I'm tired.
  10. xenonni

    xenonni Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    That's okay, I get a little horny when I'm tired
    (yes, I grow unicorn horns. My inner bronie comes out :( )
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  11. Saal

    Saal Spaceman Spiff

    Enjoy! :D

    Yes, you are tired.
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  12. Falcon42

    Falcon42 Starship Captain

    Where did this "wag" (It's spelt wig, actually) come from?
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  13. xenonni

    xenonni Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    You don't want to know.
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  14. Saal

    Saal Spaceman Spiff

    Oh.... *facepalm*
    Need to repair, QUICK
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  15. Falcon42

    Falcon42 Starship Captain

    ... :lolwut:?
  16. xenonni

    xenonni Scruffy Nerf-Herder

  17. Falcon42

    Falcon42 Starship Captain

  18. Saal

    Saal Spaceman Spiff

    Done, thanks to Mollygos-tai!

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  19. Vapor Horologium Corpus

    Vapor Horologium Corpus Weight of the Sky

  20. Pancakes

    Pancakes Pangalactic Porcupine

    Awesome! I can play this game too! :DD
    Pancakes avatar_wig.jpg
    Thanks Saal for making breakfast fashionable!! :laugh:
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