Let's answer the question of when to get the 24 slot backpack

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When do you get the backpack?

  1. Day 4

  2. I hate money

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  1. UnexpectedParole

    UnexpectedParole Phantasmal Quasar

    100 xp fishing in 2 hours with basic rod is insane to me. With darters at the ocean. Wow.

    I don't want to speak for some-one else, but I interpreted the post not that the fishing was started on Tuesday afternoon. But that the fish caught after that time were what was being used to buy the copper and coal. As the fish before that time were used to buy the fishing rod - Which jives with what you've posted. Buying the rod at noon, and then after noon the collection of fish continues with the goal of the am buying of copper etc etc.
    After buying the rod, to get a watering can upgrade on wednesday you need to buy somewhere near 45 ore at 9am wednesday. The 4k worth of fishing number? As you've stated the farm gets you the coal, so this number is closer to 3300g needed not 4k ?
    • WilliamZ

      WilliamZ Phantasmal Quasar

      Assuming that you start with the hill top: you can dig 20 copper for the furnace, if not reset.
      Clint sells 25 ores for 1.875g
      +2.000g for upgrade your tool
      +1.800 for the rod
      +500g for 100 baits
      Total off: 6.175g

      I'm been seeing people making more than 2.000g in day 1, but I think that's hard to make in day 3 since Pierre don't buy fish anymore, you will waste a lof ot time walking.
      • ThorfinnS

        ThorfinnS Orbital Explorer

        On a pyramid-luck day, I get one coal per 15 rocks or so. So if you restarted until you got such a day, you could have L1 mining and all 5 coal. Including fishing in 2 locations would require somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 onions. Pretty uncommon in my experience. But let's say we are OK wiht restarting until it happens.

        All that running back and forth is what kills it. The deadline leaving Jodi's is 2:50pm. You can get there about 6:40am or a bit before. You could catch 3300g in 7 hours without needing a lot of catfish. But a round trip to Willy's costs you an hour. If you have to visit Clint, too, that's another hour out of your day. Catching 660g/hr is a lot harder. Not saying it can't be done. Just that I'm pretty sure I can't do it consistently.
        • FickleRhubarb

          FickleRhubarb Twenty-three is number one

          Fishing: After you get the fiberglass rod and some bait. Spring 4, I guess.
          Non-fishing: You're going to hate The Mines, but you have to do your do your best with 12 slots and a chest at the top.
          v1.4 Change: The Training Rod makes it much more imperative to evangelize early game fishing (the 15-Parsnip start), and that's coming from a non-gamer who's a total klutz.
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          • ShneekeyTheLost

            ShneekeyTheLost Black Hole Surfer

            Sorry, but I'm going to be the dissenting voice, or perhaps the devil's advocate. I rarely bother with the backpack in Spring entirely. Here's why:

            * I generally avoid fishing, so much of your argument is wasted since I... well, I don't fish. On those rare occasions in which I do fish, I bring a chest to the fishing spot, generally either the island in the middle of the mountain lake or the tip of arrowhead island. This completely obviates the need for a bigger backpack to bring your catch back, since you can simply store it in the chest.

            * I always bring a chest with me to place in the entrance to the mines. Therefore, I never go more than five floors before being able to drop stuff off and continue. It slightly slows down my progression, but not by much. In return, I get to spend the 2k on a copper axe instead of a backpack.

            * Any revenue is immediately reinvested into infrastructure. A Copper Pickaxe is obtained during Salmonberry Season. A Silo and a Barn (and hopefully also a Coop) goes down by the end of Spring if possible. And I'm going to need 20-30k to be able to buy enough crops at the beginning of next season.

            * Bluntly, I have better things to do than waste money on poor inventory management, at least in my first spring. Maybe later in the first spring if I have enough of a buffer, then sure, I guess. But it isn't a priority by any means. And CERTAINLY not within the first week when I have too many purchases to make as it is.
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            • FickleRhubarb

              FickleRhubarb Twenty-three is number one

              Yes. This is fine. I agree. No compelling reason for a big backpack when fishing.

              Yes. I will say that 12 slots is not totally unworkable. But I have found it affects me negatively specifically in mining due to the variety of goodies I am picking up. Mining is where I disagree with you.

              Pretty much what I posted agrees with what you posted. I have learned to love fishing. And when fishing, early cash is not a crunch. If I weren't fishing, I would not upgrade backpack very early. I have made mining work with 12 slots and delayed the backpack upgrade plenty of times.
              • WilliamZ

                WilliamZ Phantasmal Quasar

                Also about the tool order upgrades, I like to first make copper pick > axe > steel axe > steel/gold pick, so I can chop wood while I wait for the upgrades. I tried the chest in the side of the elevator once but a lot of times I get more drops that I wish to keep, specially monster loot. The thing is, by the time that you manage to reach floor +40, the 2k for the backpack already are tip money, so there is no reason for hold that money.
                I have a doubt since I couldn't find in the internet, breaking rocks/ore using the explosive ammo give us mining exp? If yes then anything above copper is a waste on the pickaxe and even the first upgrade is questionable.
                • ThorfinnS

                  ThorfinnS Orbital Explorer

                  Can't buy explosive ammo anymore until you can make it, at combat L8.

                  Cherry bombs work, but each is 4 copper ore and 1 coal. Takes a pretty good clump of nodes to make it worthwhile, IMO.
                  • squigglyruth

                    squigglyruth Big Damn Hero

                    I'm going to be controversial too: I often buy the backpack upgrade mid-Spring.

                    I do fish a lot, but I don't have any trouble with inventory management when fishing - I just use chests (one below Jodi's house, and one by the lake, which I then move to outside the mines on day 5). The only bit of this which requires thought is deciding which items to pack to take home each night. But it has never caused me problems.

                    I occasionally end up throwing a couple of items away when mining levels 1-80 - normally sap or fibre as the very small amount I end up collecting as I mine is going to make very little difference to my farm. The total value of what I throw away is significantly less than the 2000GP price of the backpack upgrade. I lose a little time coming up every 5 levels to use the chest, but normally make fast enough progress anyway. After level 80, 12 slots is not enough - the variety of drops increases and I find I'm discarding things I want to keep. So that's when I want the backpack upgrade.
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                    • FickleRhubarb

                      FickleRhubarb Twenty-three is number one

                      Good concrete info. Floor 80. Instead of the backpack, what do you prioritize? (Which tool or which building?)
                      • squigglyruth

                        squigglyruth Big Damn Hero

                        Thinking about it, it might also be that floor 80 is the time I slow down and take the time to clear out levels, rather than just descending fast. But I do think the monster drops increase in variety and value at that point as well - I'm happy to throw out the occasional sap or slime lower down the mine, but nobody is going to throw away gold bars... Also, there are more kinds of ore to collect once you hit 80, and more gem types.

                        At the moment I'm trying out strategies that prioritise seeds - enough potatoes or kale to get farming 6 by the Egg Festival, then buy enough strawberries to get farming 10 by the end of spring. So I hold off buying any tools or buildings until I'm sure I have enough money for the right number of strawberry seeds. It's a bit extreme though - I'm not sure farming 10 really comes into its own until the first hops harvest mid-summer. But planting lots of strawberries does mean you get a lot of cash entering summer, which is nice. And it seems like there could be a route that involves taking Agriculturalist to get faster crop growth in summer - I've yet to do the maths on how many hops I would need to plant to make that worthwhile.

                        As a general recommendation, I would say that you should buy a good weapon if you haven't found one by level 50, since ghosts can really slow down your progress with just the steel sword. I try to get copper and steel pickaxe during salmonberry season, since this makes mining much more efficient for the rest of the season. Ideally I would have the steel axe before salmonberry season, so I can harvest hardwood from the secret forest whilst the pickaxe is upgrading. If I know I have enough money for strawberry seeds, I will start upgrading my axe before the egg festival. Backpack upgrade comes in somewhere around the same time, but is a lower priority than the pick upgrades. The axe upgrades can be dropped if money is tight.

                        Unless I'm doing an extreme community centre run, I hold off on buildings until later in the season, or even into summer. I often get a barn before a coop these days, since cheese is very nice.

                        I don't normally bother with a stable or shed until later in the year. My kegs go in my house, then in the bus tunnel. I do prioritise house upgrades in summer so that I can start casking cheese.

                        I honestly haven't arrived at one great order for doing those things, though! It isn't really possible to do everything :)
                        • Elenna101

                          Elenna101 Subatomic Cosmonaut

                          It does, but as Thorfinn mentioned, you can't buy it until combat 8 anymore.

                          And yeah, I don't really feel like I need the backpack until maybe iron levels and definitely gold levels. (I've basically noticed that the amount of space you need increases by roughly 12 each time you get to a new section, i.e. on copper levels the initial backpack is basically enough with a chest at the top, iron levels the 24-slot is plenty, gold levels the 36-slot is plenty, and in Skull Cavern you can easily fill up even the 36-slot backpack if you're killing monsters.) But I do fish plenty in the first few days, so I generally just buy it day 6 when I'm going to Pierre's anyways.

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