Lets talk about Paddy farming.

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by TheLoreSeeker, Mar 8, 2016.

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    So I was having a shower thought about paddy farming earlier after playing Stardew Valley for a bit.

    And it occured to me that it would expand the game in an interesting way.

    We could expand into crops like rice, watercress, wasabi, taro, and lotus root.

    It would allow for some extra diversification of the farm plot.

    AND it would be made possible by using irrigation lines to feed the paddy fields. You could use the well as the source for the irrigation and then have the run-off trail down to the pond on the lower end of the farm. You could even have the potential for open ditch irrigation or a pipe system that you'd bury underground.

    Ditches would occasionally get clogged or colapse (similar to how a fence wears down) and the underground pipe irrigation could occasionally spring a leak and need to be dug up and replaced in sections. This would allow for an aspect of maintenance and upkeep.

    You could also occasionally have to go through the paddy fields and catch frogs or snails that can harm the crops. This would allow for another source for snails and even the possibility of frog based recepies (i.e. frogs legs).

    Anyone agree? Comments? Suggestions?
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    • Kittenykat

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      All of my yes! <3
      • voodoozulu

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        Interesting note: rice doesn't need to grow underwater. It can survive it and that prevents pests so it is done that way
        • sunbean

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          I was pretty disappointed that there wasn't a paddy, so this is a great idea for some expansionary content. :D

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