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Discussion in 'Mods' started by Quisler, Feb 8, 2020.

  1. Quisler

    Quisler Intergalactic Tourist

    Hello, first off I have been enjoying the game immensely and want to thank all of you that make the mods and enhance the game even more!

    I am having a problem with Level extender with the newest release, or at least questions. I am using 3.1.1 unofficial by minervamaga. When trying to use the commands, either it gives me an error or nothing happens in the SMAPI console. Trying to type "xp" shows nothing so I don't know if I'm gaining exp after level 10. Also not sure if you are supposed to see the experience over your head after level 10 when fishing etc.

    Setting the actual level with the console works so I know at least some part of it is working.

    Also found experience bar mod freaks out when playing with the levels haha. Sends the SMAPI console into a death spiral of errors until you shut them off in game.

    I just installed the latest version of SMAPI as well, 3.2.0.

    Am I missing something right in front of me? Did I not install something correctly? Or am I not patient enough to wait and see what happens naturally when sleeping through a new level? Thanks in advance!
    • Creepydark

      Creepydark Aquatic Astronaut

      Hi, I do not have much time here but I have also tried to get a solution, I also get errors when I use the mod commands, in nexus and here I leave an error message but it is as if nobody else happens to this error

      I used the bar mod of exp that said the unofficial update but still nothing : (
      • farmerwill

        farmerwill Space Spelunker

        The two mods together are pretty bugged right now. When you hit "p" to prestige one skill, and have two or more skills at or above level 10, they'll all go to zero. For example if combat and mining are both level ten, you prestige mining, combat level will also drop to zero even though it wasn't prestiged. Would love if someone was able to fix this.

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