Mob Light-depentent and light-sensitive creatures (should this be in mechanics?)

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    So, yeah... To add more diversity and ways to deal with threats I think it would be good to add 3 types of light that affect creatures: daylight, moonlight and underground.
    Every creature during it's generation would have it's reaction to various levels of light determined. All based on it's features.
    For example - if the creature has plant-like features, it will be stronger during day, wouldn't really care about night, and would try to avoid being underground as much as possible - and would die if held there for too long.
    Another example, if the creature is a "furry" predator, it might be stronger during the night.
    And, let's say an insect-like cave creature would be able to explore the surface during the night, but light would kill it. It would run away from a player that has anything bright and it would be possible to burn it to death with dual-wielded flashlights or floodlights placed in corridors.

    So basically what I suggest is: every creature has a reaction to one of 3 levels of light, some might have no reactions, some might get a random buff (+ speed, regeneration) and some would die in daylight or in total darkness or just be weakened by light.
    Werewolves? Werewolves. Spiderbugs? Spiderbugs.

    Another light-related suggestion: if you stay too long underground without any source of light, your field of view will get smaller and smaller by darkness gathering in the corners (even making HUD harder to see). If you don't find a light source, there will be a random chance you will be attacked with disembodied claws... Or the darkness will just go away and anything will go back to normal. This is because I always thought it's hilarious you can just go into a cave and dig for hours... while feeling your way inside and guessing what is what.

    Also sorry for how chaotically this is written, english is not my native language, I tend to create a complete mess of half-finished thoughts when I use it.

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