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    I was here about half a year ago talking about the exact same thing. Now, I've picked this project back up again, and it returns, more feature-rich than ever.

    Starbound Mod Tester is, as I put it in the GitHub page, a simple way for Starbound mod developers to easily test mods. Now, it has become a lot more. Now, you can start dedicated servers with Workshop mods, use Workshop mods offline, and build and test multiple mods at the same time.

    It was just before now that I realized that there wasn't a good way for Linux server owners to use Steam Workshop mods with the dedicated server, so now here it is.

    I hope you all enjoy using this, and I hope that this makes your lives a lot easier. I will try to continue to update this for as long as I can.

    Download Starbound Mod Tester here:

    P.S. If anyone can make a macOS version, then please, do so!

    EDIT: Oh, yeah, this is also only for Linux.
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